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Blogging Answers (5 of 7): How Do You Make Money with a Blog?

This time in the Blogging Answers series, I tackle one of the most common questions about blogging—one I'm super excited to answer!Blogging QuestionHow can I make money blogging?Well, I'm so glad you asked! Blogging has been super rewarding for me—financially and otherwise—since I began doing it in 2008.  I have since been blogging for myself, and ...

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Blogging Answers (3 of 7): How Long Should My Blog Post Be?

Video 3 of the Blogging Answers series responds to a very common question bloggers ask.Blogging QuestionHow long should my blog post be?The Hard AnswerIf only I could give you a simple, definite number! The bottom line is, today's blogging standards are higher. You can't get away with short blog posts anymore, unlike in the early days ...

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Blogging Answers (2 of 7): How Do I Plan My Blog Content?

Continuing with the Blogging Answers series, this video addresses  this blogging question:Blogging QuestionWhat's the best way to plan your blog content? What's the best tool to use for your editorial calendar?The Surprising AnswerIf you're tempted to spend money on a new tool to create your blog editorial calendar, watch this video first!  My answer might surprise ...

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