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How to Become A Content Creation Machine: Tips From Justin Popovic

May 22, 2014

Have you ever sat down in front of your computer to write a blog post, email, or video script, and then wonder, “What am I supposed to say now?” It happens too often. This is why at a content marketing conference, Exposure & Profit, in Toronto, Ontario, I cornered Justin Popovic for an interview. Justin (of […]

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17 Ways to Profit from Webinars

May 14, 2014

I’ve been doing webinars since 2010, and I love them! I credit webinars for: growing my list from 300 to 2000 subscribers in 10 months making $1,000 in affiliate commission in six weeks earning hundreds of dollars with my own information products developing relationships with other entrepreneurs, some of whom have become my clients, JV […]

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“Social Media Marketing” vs. “Content Marketing”: Setting the Record Straight

February 3, 2014

Social media marketing gets all the attention. People’s ears perk up, their eyes widen, their wallets open when they hear “social media.” But say “content marketing” and you’ll likely see blank stares and hear crickets. When I was doing keyword research for a client, I found a startling thing: “content media marketing” does not get […]

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Playing with Content Curation Tool, Scoop.It

January 19, 2014

Some years ago, I heard about “content curation.” Content curation is the thoughtful collection, gathering, and publication of content from different sources, around a specific topic. I think most of us who are using Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites are already curating content. My tweets on Twitter and posts on my Facebook timeline […]

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