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Wordless Wednesday: Stiletto

April 8, 2009

photo credit: geishaboy500

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Focus on Home Office Productivity

July 31, 2008

Photo by Booleansplit Increasing Productivity with “Getting Things Done” and “Zen to Done” With my home businesses taking off, I found myself pulling out my favorite productivity and organization resources: David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” aka GTD (affiliate) and Leo Babauta’s “Zen to Done”. Click here to read the rest of this blog post.

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How Rejection Can Make You a Better Freelance Writer

July 16, 2008

Photo by Irina Slutsky Since I embarked on my freelance writing career, I have experienced rejection more often than I have received acceptance. Now I have been a professional long enough and have worked with enough tough bosses that I can take criticism — including harsh criticism — and not get crushed. After 19 years […]

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