How to Have A More Dynamic Voice On Your Videos

By Alexis Rodrigo | Video Marketing

Sep 17

Have you ever made an online video, then when you watched it, was dismayed to hear your voice was monotone? Boring? Ho-hum?

That can happen especially if you’re new at making videos. The common reasons for a boring video voice-over are:

  • feeling self-conscious about being recorded
  • reading a script, which makes you speak in an unnatural way
  • it’s plain weird to pretend to be talking to someone when there’s nobody else there
  • you’re tired, been sitting around all day

Thankfully, you can overcome these challenges and become a more dynamic speaker in your videos.

Here’s what I do to make my voice more lively on my videos (works for podcasts and teleseminars, too):

Energize your body

The way to sound dynamic is to BE energized. Get up, do jumping jacks, and walk or jog around.

Record standing up

Now that you’ve energized your body, keep it that way by recording while standing up. This also keeps you mentally alert, which will reflect in your voice.


Even if there’s nobody else there, smile as you speak. Your smile “shows” in your voice.

Pretend you’re talking to a friend

Forget that faceless online audience. Instead, imagine your best friend or best viewer is in front of you, and talk to him or her. Talk naturally, complete with hand gestures and facial expressions.

Don’t read from a script

A script forces you to be unnatural. But if you must use one, write it in a conversational way. Read it aloud at least once, so you can rewrite the parts that are stilted and sound unnatural. Then as you’re recording, feel free to deviate from your script if that enables you to speak more naturally. Also, don’t worry if you say a few “ums” and “ahs.” That’s how humans speak!

Practice, practice, practice!

The more you record yourself in video, audio, the better you’ll get at it. So if you’re not happy with your videos right now, take heart. You’ll get better.

What do you think of the quality of your VOICE on your videos?


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