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Productivity Make More Time

9 Ways to Create More Time for Your Business

What’s the biggest challenge that’s keeping business owners from creating their own products? They said, “No time.”I call BS on that! (Pardon the swearing)Watch this video to learn why the lack of time is not a legitimate reason but merely an EXCUSE we use to let ourselves off the hook.You will also learn:The 3 reasons that

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Affiliate Advantage Review

Review: Affiliate Advantage by Karon Thackston

There are very few products I want to buy without having read the sales page.Karon Thackston’s Affiliate Advantage course is one of them.That’s because of three reasons:I’m always looking for ways to increase the affiliate commissions I earn.I’ve known Karon for years. I know she offers a lot of sales and marketing knowledge and experience,

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Frase App Tutorials

Frase Tutorials

As promised, I'm covering tools that can make blogging much easier and more effective. Let's begin with Frase. Frase is an AI-powered application that's designed to help youcome up with topic ideas for your blog — as well as your YouTube channel, podcast, social media, or other platform — by discovering the questions people are asking online

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How I make money online

How I Make Money Online

“How are you making money online?,” an online marketing friend asked recently. I had fun answering because I realized there are so many and varied ways to have a profitable online business In my case, I have four income streams:Providing ServicesThis is my bread-and-butter. The biggest proportion of my income comes from providing services as a copywriter,

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MLM Companies: Should You Join Them?

How to Pick MLM Companies to Join (And Should You Even?)

I have a confession: I recently joined two companies to use and promote their products. And I swear, it’s all the pandemic’s fault! Hear me out.Why Promote Other Companies' Products (NOT MLM Companies)The first company I joined was Melaleuca and here’s why: They produce a plant-based disinfectant that’s EPA-registered and approved for use against SARS-COV2 (the virus

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