Effective Strategies To Improve Your Business Website’s Performance

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Feb 03
business website performance

Nowadays, having an online presence is non-negotiable for businesses looking to compete in this internet age. A reported 77% of Canadian businesses have a company website, proving that business websites are one of the vital digital spaces that companies can use to put themselves out there. Therefore, there’s the need to make your website function as effectively as possible for the best results. So, are you interested in making your company website more effective? Please take a look at these points.

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1. Make your visitors feel obliged to act

A harsh reality of having a well-designed and even high-traffic website is that these factors alone aren't enough to make your website as useful as you want it to be.

Conversion rates matter more than fancy website design and non-stop traffic, so you should focus on converting visitors to your website one way or another.

Many experts propose the effective strategy of having a call to action strategically placed on your website to improve your conversion rate. Every page on your website should encourage readers to do something; sign up for free trials, join your email list, subscribe to your newsletters, buy a product, etc.

It’d help to ensure that your invitation is always clear and easy to follow, whether it’s clicking a button or following a link. Calls to action can be crucial transitions between the phases of your buyers' journeys because they guide clients on what to do next. Many customers even look forward to these calls to action at the end of your website's pages, so prioritize having persuasive calls to action to convert casual visitors into regular customers and boost your digital advertising's success.

Make your site SEO-friendly

It’s common knowledge that your website's rank on search results pages has a strong correlation to the amount of traffic you generate for your site. Therefore, your business website will be a white elephant if the right people cannot find and engage with it. Consequently, consider making your website SEO- friendly to make it more effective.

Avoid keyword stuffing, as this can potentially damage your website's rankings. A verbose meta description may rob users of seeing vital information that will attract them to your website, so always keep your meta descriptions brief and as informative as possible. Using internal linking to help search engines discover new pages on your website and index them in the search results is also an important but often overlooked SEO strategy that you should pay more attention to. SEO is vital for modern companies, especially online businesses looking to convert sporadic buyers into repeat customers.

Therefore, explore many SEO strategies to make your business website more efficient for optimum results.

3. Optimize for mobile

Let's face it. Websites that aren't optimized for smartphones or tablets are  annoying to use. This reality is because mobile phones are now the dominant methods of accessing the internet worldwide and in Canada. With Statista data indicating that 31.8 million Canadians use smartphones nowadays, it’d be best to make your business website mobile-friendly to accommodate the many mobile users who’ll visit your site.

Experts recommend visiting your website on different devices like smartphones and tablets to see how it fares on smaller screens. This way, you can identify specific areas that your site needs to improve on.

Choosing a reliable web host, image compression, using a responsive WordPress theme, redesigning your pop-ups for mobile devices, and enabling Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are some of the effective strategies to optimize your website for mobile devices worth considering.

Include social proof

Several business experts agree that an effective way to encourage website visitors to engage your business over your competitors is to include valuable social proof

Psychologist Robert Cialdini coined the term "social proof" to describe how humans succumb to our primitive "pack animal inclinations." Therefore, by showing off your happy clients to the world, visitors to your website will be more likely to want to become your clients too.

Consequently, employ social proof as a genuine and effective way to convince potential customers to become regulars. User reviews are an excellent example of social proof that you can use, and established brands like Amazon use this to great effect. Displaying your biggest clients' logos, your appearance in the media, testimonials, case studies, etc., are all examples of effective social proof strategies you can use.

A whopping 92% of consumers will likely trust non-paid recommendations than any other advertising type, so social proof is undoubtedly an effective strategy worth considering for your business website.

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