Has Covid Inspired You to Freelance? Here’s What You Can Do

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Aug 18
COVID Freelancing

We've been going through  a global pandemic.

Covid-19 has taken on the world and left countries and governments unsure on the next steps to take in terms of keeping people safe. While many of us have been locked down in our homes, unable to work or having to find a new normal, it has given many people the opportunity to rethink their lives. 

Many people enjoyed the lockdown period. It gave them a chance to spend time with family when they ultimately may have had work or other commitments. It has given them a chance to slow down and really think about what we want out of life. 

For you, and for so many, this may mean readdressing your work situation. Perhaps you have a skill that you could utilise to work for yourself. Maybe you had a brainwave during lockdown and now have a fantastic business idea.

Whatever it may be, Covid-19 may have inspired you to finally take that leap of faith and go it alone when it comes to your working life.

So if you are eager to get started then here are some of the things to think about to help you get started. 


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Think about your business idea or route of action

One of the first things to do would be to consider your business idea or the route you want to take to go freelance and work for yourself. It is all well and good having the idea and getting excited about, but you do need to take some time out to think about whether it could work for you.

How will you obtain business as a freelancer? Is there a market for your product and service? How will you get started?

These are all fun and exciting questions to answer but necessary for you to feel confident with your choice and be able to take the next steps.

Create a business plan

The next thing to think about would be to create a business plan. It can be a great way for you to set out your plan of action and also to understand the steps that need to be taken.

You don’t have to outsource this out to somebody, unless you want to of course. You can find online tutorials and guides that will help you create what you need. This could also be an essential asset to you to help with other steps for creating your business.

Do plenty of research

It is all well and good having the idea, but you need to do research into all of the  elements that will help make it a success. This might be research into products, for example. You might want to look at how they may be manufactured, whether you want to do that yourself or find a provider for it elsewhere. In this new world it may not be as easy to import in from other countries, so you might want to take that into consideration.

You will also want to research the market. Make sure there are people wanting the products or need the services that you are going to provide. Again this can help to give you the confidence to take the right steps to make this your reality.

Place a value on your time

Starting your own business is going to be tricky, and even freelancing has its fair share of ups and downs. Your time is so valuable and important, so why waste it on areas where you can’t make a difference?

Instead, valuing your time and outsourcing certain things could help you to make more of your business moving forward. Whether that is website development or websites like https://www.intellectsoft.net/blog/business-technology-consulting/ that can help with technology consulting, or whether you outsource social media updates and accounts.

Focus your energy and time on the areas where you can make the biggest difference. The investment will be worthwhile.

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Do you need some form of investment? 

On the subject of investment, it may be time to think about whether you need to invest in your business at all. It might be that you need to buy products to sell, perhaps enlist the help of manufacturing companies to create them for you. It might be that you need storage or need to think about the logistics. Investment might be from the bank, a loan or even your own savings. Just make sure you know where the money is needed to be spent so that it doesn’t get wasted.

Social media and marketing strategies

There is no denying that social media and marketing are two factors sof the business that are going to be so important. Not just in the beginning but also when your business progresses. Social media is one of the fastest ways to get your business noticed, so coming up with a strategy to help you post consistently and to manage the algorithms each platform has would be a good move.

You might also want to humanise your social media and show a face behind the business. People do buy from people so this could be a great move to make.

Marketing isn’t just about social media though, you might want to look into local advertising, as well as other forms of marketing that can help you to advertise your business. There are plenty of marketing guides online that can help you get started with this.

Getting that balance right for working and home life

Finally, you will want to ensure that you can get the balance right when it comes to working and home life. Starting a business will consume you, but you have to remember the reasons why you wanted to do it in the first place.

The likelihood was to have more time for the fun stuff and to spend time with family. Get that balance right and make sure you find the right times to work and also the right times to relax and enjoy your life as well.

If covid-19 has taught us anything it is that life is short and can be unexpected.

We hope these tips help you turn that business or freelance dream into your reality.

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