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Nov 26
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Starting your blog or online venture will be the most exciting journey for you. You're ready to go with your ideas, your thoughts are running at a mile a minute and perhaps, this is the big leap you have taken towards a new career goal. It is achievable but it takes a little bit of guts and a little bit of luck to get started.

Step One - Brand yourself as well as possible. 

Your website design is a huge reflection on yourself, your style, your likes, and your personality. Perhaps you have a specific colour scheme, logos, shapes, or something that truly defines your blog. If you opt for a monochrome, then black and white theme can be just as easy to work with. 

Branding is super important because consistency in branding creates professionalism and shows a dedication to your craft. Pick a specific design that you like, for example, you want to use this specific colour scheme and logo, make sure you do this across the board. Create business cards and be consistent with design and presence. 

For design, you can look at hiring someone to take care of your digital graphics or you could aim to create some of your own designs with apps such as Canva and Stencil.

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Step Two - Make contacts. 

This is perhaps the most vital thing. It can be a daunting thing to pitch to someone and to communicate about your blog, but your digital business is your baby, you are probably very proud of it, and this must resonate in your communication.

Interact with people on the social media platforms, comment on other blogs, and make friends. This is how you spread your name around the blogging world and make connections with like-minded people, which gives you a good sense of community.

Interacting and proving you possess good, solid communication shows you are reliable, present, and makes people more intrigued by what you do. Start to implement and work alongside a Digital Marketing Agency. 

Step Three - Be present on social media. 

It is a powerful tool. Make sure you use it. Using Facebook and Twitter to promote your blogs is a must and is probably something you already do. Scheduling tweets and posts can be vital if you are busy or are trying to juggle a few things at once.

Try and be present at least 3 times a day and spend an hour or so on Instagram liking photos and commenting, which will ensure organic growth. Use your hashtags wisely, geotag when necessary, and the engagement will finally come. Social media marketing has become a staple in both digital and bricks and mortar businesses.

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All in all, the key to success in any job or industry is passion. if you love what you do then it will undoubtedly show in your work. Don’t feel defeated if this takes time and you are on the brink of nuzzling your head into a glass of wine. It takes perseverance and patience but it will definitely be worth it. 

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