If You've Always Wanted
A Whiteboard Sketch Video
For Your Business...

Watch the video below to see how affordable and hassle-free it can really be:


  • one 60- to 90-second Doodle Video
  • final output in mp4 format
  • script written by a professional copywriter
  • sketches made by professional artists from my personal sketch collection
  • narration by a voice-over artist
  • background music

Only $120!

Pay only $60 to book your Doodle Video today.

I'll invoice you another $60 when your Doodle Video is finished.

Book your Doodle Video today to avoid getting on the waiting list!

As an experienced Internet marketer, you know online video is one of the best ways to promote your product or service.

But let’s face it, making videos is not as easy as people make it out to be.

First, you have to plan what you want to say or write a full-blown script. Then you have to shoot or record the actual video. If it’s a talking head video, you have to put on makeup and nice clothes, and straighten the house first. Afterwards, you have to edit everything into a polished final video.

When you factor in the cost of software, outsourcers, and all the hours you put into it, making your own online videos costs you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

And for what? To have a video that’s borderline boring? That your viewers will watch for a few seconds, then click away from?

What if you could have a compelling, effective video completely done for you at an affordable price?

I’m talking about doodle videos. A doodle video is eight times more engaging than plain text slideshow videos, and four times more engaging than talking heads videos.

No wonder, big companies and other marketers with budgets have been using them to get leads and make sales.

I’d like to make you a 60- to 90-second doodle video - or several.

And don’t worry, it won’t cost you thousands of dollars, like it costs the others.

Here’s what you will get:

  • script written by a professional copywriter (that’s me!), so your video script follows the principles of persuasive writing and uses proven strategies for selling
  • sketches made by professional artists from my personal library of marketing doodles (Note: custom sketches are not included) - your viewers won’t be able to resist these captivating images
  • narration by voice-over artist - your audience will connect better with an authoritative voice
  • everything done for you - after a script consultation with me by phone, Skype, or email, I’ll take care of the rest!

Why should you hire me with your online video?

Aside from being a web copywriter since 2008, in a former life, I worked in educational children’s television. I reviewed and wrote scripts for preschool children. Those were good times. But they were also challenging. Preschool children have very short attention spans. Every lesson had to be clothed in fun.

It was good training, though, because nowadays, adults’ attention spans aren’t much better than children's.

This experience, coupled with my copywriting skills, will ensure you have an engaging and persuasive Doodle Video.

Because my time is limited, I can only accept a few Doodle Video orders. So please book your Doodle Video today. If you don’t, you may have to be put on a waitlist.

But the sooner you book your Doodle Video, the sooner you can have put up your Doodle Video on a web page, YouTube, Facebook -- anywhere you please -- and have it working for you 24/7.

Pay only $60 now and I’ll invoice you the other $60 when the Doodle Video is complete. Click the button below and we’ll get started!