Learn How to Stop Getting Sales Objections—In Just 5 Days!

Is there really a way to end rejection?

“It’s too expensive!”
“I don’t like network marketing!”
“I don’t want shakes, I want to chew my food!”
"That doesn’t work!"
“I can’t sell!”
“It sounds like a scam."

"I have to check with my husband."

"Now is not the right time."

How would you like to stop hearing all that and other objections from potential clients and customers?

Kim Klaver, a top network producer with decades of experience in profitable network marketing and online marketing, wants to show you how.

Like you and me, Kim hates hearing "no" from prospects. She hates rejection. And she doesn't believe in the sales adage, "go for no." That's why she has developed her own way of marketing and selling that attracts only those who are most likely to say "Yes!"

Kim says: 

  • How can you ever become an Advisor to your people if you keep hearing No?
  • How can you go from a Starter to becoming a Finisher if you keep getting No?
  • How can you become someone who shows up for the people who need you, when you keep getting rejected?
  • How can you ever feel confident talking to people if you know they're going to say No?
  • How can you go from flaking to leading others if they keep rejecting you?

And so, in her brand new, 5-Day End of Rejection Challenge, Kim is going to show you:

  • Day 1: Put your thing in front of the right people (so they come to you, instead of you chasing after them).
  • Day 2: Create your offer with an "edge" so it stands out in this Amazon-has-it-for-less world (and against competing products, even if you're promoting a product that has thousands of other ambassadors or reps).
  • Day 3: Discover your prospects' secret options (this way, you know the "hot buttons" to push to make your offer more attractive than the rest)
  • Day 4: Find out their "secret language" (so the ones who are ready to buy self-select and raise their hands when you present your offer)
  • Day 5: Show up in your Sensodyne shirt (or carve your own niche and become the go-to person in it) 

Join Kim on May 17-21, 2021, at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern), for 30-45 minutes per day through the button below. If you can't make it live, don't worry. You'll get access to the video recordings and catch up on your own time.

There's also an option to receive audio recordings and transcripts of every lesson. (You'll see the option after you click the button below).

Make sure to join through my affiliate link above, so you get access to my bonus training as well.

Are you ready to end the objections and start hearing more YESes? Then join the End the Rejection Challenge today.

Lexi Rodrigo Copywriter Social Media Manager

Lexi Rodrigo


P.S. I've already signed up for the Challenge myself, so I'll see you there!

P.P.S. The bonus Kim mentions in the video above is no longer available. But she has a different bonus for you after you join.

Disclosure: I'm an affiliate for Kim Klaver and will receive a small commission if you join the Challenge through the links on this page. I only recommend products and programs I believe in myself. Nevertheless, you should do your due diligence before purchasing anything.