Getting Started with Advertising

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Apr 14
Get Started Advertising

When you run a business, you have to focus on countless areas to make a profit and keep things up and running. One area you should really focus on right now, in particular?


This is an essential investment for any business to make. At the end of the day, you could have the perfect product or service. It could be in demand, priced well and better quality than any alternatives on the market.

However, if nobody knows it exists, you’re not going to get any sales. No matter what size your business is, no matter what products or services you sell, no matter whether you operate online or in person, you need to advertise. Sure, it can feel costly. But you have to spend money to make money.

So, where should you get started? Here are a few suggestions that can get your advertising campaigns off to the best start and ultimately maximize your sales!

In House vs Outsourced

When you advertise, you have two viable options.

The first is to hire advertising and marketing specialists to work on a part or full time basis for you. The second is to outsource to a third party.

When you run your advertising in-house, you will get the services of a team who will get to know the ins and outs of your brand and who can work consistently on your projects. 

However, you also need to provide employee benefits such as annual leave, sick leave, parental leave, compassionate leave and more.

When you outsource, you can pay for advertising or marketing campaigns as and when it suits you.

However, you may find that it costs more on a per project basis and the outsourced team may not always be available at short notice. Often, small businesses find that an advertising agency is much better suited to them.

Set a Budget

Once you’ve decided how to work your advertisements, it’s important to set yourself a budget. Advertising comes at a cost but you need to make sure that this cost doesn’t spiral out of control.

Different advertising costs can come at different prices, so make sure to always double check costs associated with different campaigns and ensure that everything is profitable and will be worth your time and effort.

Combined costs can quickly skyrocket, so be careful and plan properly as you go along. Never exceed your budget, or you could end up in financial difficulty.

Be Open to New Forms of Advertising

Of course, advertising changes with the times, like every other aspect of running a business. So, keep up to date with new and more modern means of advertising. Some great examples include:

These are just the bare basics of advertising. But each tip can come in extremely useful. Do your utmost to implement them into your day to day professional schedule and you should see your profits increase.

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