Making The Office Move Work For Your Budget

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Jan 14
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Whether you’re making the move from a work-at-home freelancer to an entrepreneur with a physical office and your own team, or you’re scaling the business, there will come a time to move it into a new office.

However, as essential as relocation can be, it can also be very costly.

For that reason, we’re going to look at some tips to make the move both easier and more affordable, and much less risky for the business.

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Don’t take more of the office than you need to

You are going to want to find the right balance between taking enough of the old office with you to keep working, but you might not want to take redundant equipment, especially if it’s going to cost too much to transport.

If you need to get rid of old office equipment and furniture, then you may even want to consider selling it and even raise some money.

Similarly, you can cut on the costs of new furniture by buying from refurbished office suppliers, instead.

Get the move planned ahead as quickly as possible

Having the move planned ahead in advance is going to help you ensure the most efficient and smoothest move possible.

The more time it takes you to make the move, the more time you spend down, with your team unable to work. Hire movers today to start planning it out as soon as possible.

The sooner you plan things out, the more quickly you can do the move itself.

Know what you’re doing with your IT

Your technology has to move as well, but how do you move an entire infrastructure?

It can involve a lot more than simply taking the hardware from one space to another.

It may be worth hiring a managed IT team who can help with things like server relocation services, and help you set up any networks you have in the new space as soon as possible.

Make better use of any downtime that you do have

If you are going to have some time during which the office won’t be fully usable, then you should instead look at what your employees or team members can be doing with that time.

Can some work from home while others make use of what parts of the office are available via remote working?

Or would it save you money and hassle simply to give them some time off while you get the move sorted as quickly as possible.

Stay organized and avoid mistakes

Neglecting to let clients and suppliers know of your change or address or losing a box of important assets can be incredibly costly.

Make sure you take the time to organize effectively, packing ahead of time, labelling and tracking your boxes, and updating your address where you need to.

The easiest way to control costs and avoid some expensive surprises is to start budgeting and planning the move as soon as possible. Don’t make it so that you have to rush the move during the days leading up to it.

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