Making The Most Of Online Marketing During COVID-19

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Sep 08
Online marketing during COVID

COVID-19 has been a massive shake-up for businesses. For many, face-to-face marketing and events have been out of the question, making a quick change of tactics necessary. 

The good news is that the marketing industry has been prepared for this for quite some time.

Digital marketing has fast outgrown traditional marketing, introducing new ways of communicating brand messages, promoting products, and more.

If anything, the global pandemic has introduced even more ways of marketing creatively, allowing businesses and brands to continue to thrive, even in times of trouble. 

So what's out there to help you spread your brand’s message?

Take a look at the following ideas and make the most of your online marketing campaigns.

Enhance your digital content

Digital content is something most businesses generate every day. In many cases, the content is templated or easily created, allowing content to be put out quickly and affordably.

But if your marketing budget is looking healthier than usual because of the coronavirus, why not step up your digital content? 

There are different ways you can take your digital content to the next level. Small businesses can invest in content created by agencies and freelancers to elevate their content and bring something different to the table. 

Analyze your results, and if it’s a strategy that pays off, it could be worth doing more of in the future.

Run online courses, conferences, and seminars

Conferences, courses, and seminars are a useful marketing tool for many businesses. They can be excellent networking opportunities, as well as a chance to showcase your products, services, and expertise. With restrictions in place against these types of events, it’s time to think outside the box when these events can’t be held in-person.

Delivering online courses, events, and seminars can be an effective alternative. As more and more businesses find their "new normal," thanks to remote working, video conferencing, and more, it’s easier than ever to market these types of events to your audience.

While many businesses are providing these types of events for free, many are beginning to monetize them and enjoying healthy profits too. With no venue costs and other expenses eliminated, these types of events could prove to have a great return on investment.

Find ways to work with your influencers online

Influencer marketing is a key strategy for many businesses, especially brands looking to grow their online audiences. Whilst most interactions generally take place online, face-to-face events, product launches, and other experiences can provide a lot of value to influencers. With these types of interactions off the table, you need to explore other ways of involving influencers to get them talking about your brand.

Some brands have been hosting online tutorials and workshops (including cooking demonstrations, crafts, and others), which can be a great way to develop relationships with different influencers. Involving them in your live broadcasts, takeovers, and other content can also help you connect with that wider audience.

Take a look at how the coronavirus is changing the influencer business to see how both marketers and influencers are adapting to these changes.

Get everyone involved with user-generated content

User-generated content provides a lot of benefits to brands. It can help spread word of mouth, and in a time where people are stuck at home looking for things to do, it’s a great opportunity to get your audience involved. 

The great news is that there are tools out there that can make generating this content easy.

A virtual photo booth is one way users can share imagery using your branding, helping to engage with your audience and get them involved in your campaign.

Finding new tools and making the most of trending platforms like TikTok could help your brand connect with a wider audience and try something different during this unexpected time.

Be useful

While being able to promote your products and services is essential to the survival of your business, it also pays to be useful during this time.

Many brands and businesses are demonstrating community spirit by sharing some of their best-kept secrets, providing tutorials, and more.

With a focus on creating "useful" content during COVID-19, brands such as DoubleTree and Nike are offering something new and useful to their followers, gaining new ones in the process. It’s a strategy that’s likely to pay off, especially in terms of building up brand recognition and loyalty.

Not everything is about the sale, so think of ways you can offer value during this time.

Showcase what you’re doing behind the scenes

The consumer landscape is changing, with more and more people making more conscious decisions about what they buy and who they buy from.

With that in mind, businesses need to be able to demonstrate that they're responsible, ethical, and striving for sustainability, or else risk losing sales to their rivals.

The pandemic has been a valuable opportunity for brands and businesses to showcase their humanity, being able to promote their values as well as taking time to do some good for others. Many brands have shown their core values during COVID-19, which is unlikely to be forgotten in the future.

If your business has a story to tell about what it’s doing, tell it. Many people are welcoming a fresh perspective on marketing that’s not just about pushing products, but showing how their values can make a difference.

For most of the world, things remain uncertain, but as a business, it’s important to carry on and find new ways of working that can help drive success, and remedy some of the damage already caused this year.

Marketing provides some amazing opportunities to get creative and try new things. And through digital marketing, your business could enjoy come of its best marketing campaigns yet. With plenty of lessons to be learned during this pandemic, it’s worth taking the time to look at the success stories and use them to influence your future activities. 

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