5 Important Things To Consider When Outsourcing

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Jan 28

Every business can benefit from outsourcing - whether you’re outsourcing an accountant to handle your bookkeeping or a courier service to deliver products to your customers. But just what should you look for when hiring another company to help your business? Below are just five important things to consider when outsourcing tasks. 

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Outsourcing a company to do a task may save you time, but it will cost you extra money. Before you decide to outsource, it’s important to consider whether the time saved is worth the extra fees.

If you do choose to outsource, it’s important to compare prices and not just go with the first quote. Fees are likely to vary depending on the level of service that is offered. You may have the choice to pay monthly or to pay on an as-needed basis. Work out your budget to determine exactly how much you can spend.

Level of expertise

Some companies will have more expertise than others. There may be some cases where you may only want a basic service and other cases where you may want something more advanced or something more niche. 

For instance, when initially starting a business, you may outsource a freelance web developer to help you design a basic website. However, when growing your business, you may then decide to hire a larger web design company to build something more advanced. Alternatively, you may decide to hire a web design company catered to your niche such as a healthcare web design company or a law firm web design company. 


You should also consider how flexible you need the service to be. Some companies may like to do things their way, which could include working to their schedule and following a specific product/service model. 

This could be important to consider with a service such as delivery or shipping. When looking into places to find truck loads, you need to consider whether an immediate delivery service is necessary or not. You should also consider whether you need specific types of vehicles to carry out your deliveries. 

Level of communication

Communication can be an issue for some businesses when outsourcing. You may be happy to hire a company that takes care of the task for you without having to check up on them. Alternatively, you may want constant updates on how things are going.

Larger companies may prefer to keep communication to a minimum - particularly if they have lots of clients. A private contractor meanwhile may be willing to serve you exclusively, in which case they’ll likely have more time to keep up constant communication. Consider what is best for you. 


It’s important that you can trust the company or individual that you outsource. More trust means a better guarantee that they will carry out the job to a high level. 

There are lots of ways to determine trust such as looking up company reviews, checking credentials and looking into their online presence (do they have good rankings and a high social media following?). More credible companies may charge more, so bear this in mind.

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