5 Reasons to Use PDF Instead of Text Documents

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Sep 11
5 Reasons to Use PDF

If you’ve ever bought an eBook in the past or received invoices from professional companies, then you might be wondering why they choose to use something like a PDF instead of a regular word document.

Many people underestimate what a PDF can do for their business and why switching over can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. So to help you out, we’re going to cover five different reasons why startups in particular should get used to using PDFs instead of Google Docs or regular word documents.

1. PDFs are consistent no matter how you view them

One of the big problems with word documents is that because they can be accessed by a variety of different programs, you end up with slightly different formatting on different devices and software.

This means the formatting won’t be consistent even if you painstakingly try to ensure that you’ve made something simple and clean to read.

In contrast, a PDF editor Mac or Windows can help maintain formatting and it will look exactly the same no matter what device you use to open it.

5 reasons to share a document as a PDF instead of a Word or Google Doc

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2. PDFs can be password protected

You can choose who can read and/or edit a PDF file by using passwords.

While it can be argued that almost any file can be protected by a password, PDFs in particular can be locked behind a password which protects any sensitive data in it.

This is one of the biggest reasons why PDFs are so popular for business-related documents that need to be protected from prying eyes and curious employees, and many clients will insist that you protect your PDFs with a password to prevent them being leaked.

Need to control access to a digital file? Try a password-protected PDF

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3. PDFs look more professional

A well-made PDF document makes you look good.

PDFs are fantastic when it comes to displaying professionalism. Handing a client a Google document for something serious like a contract will always draw concerns.

In contrast, giving them a password-protected PDF shows that you’re serious about your work and the safety of the client you’re working with. If you start using PDFs in your startup or small business, you’ll come across as professional. It can be a huge plus in getting more people to work with you in the future.

4. PDFs are surprisingly small

Remember floppy disks? They had very small storage space for files.

When it comes to creating documents that are perfectly formatted, high in quality and easily viewed, PDFs are the ultimate document type. Compared to high-quality image formats and other publishing files, PDFs are surprisingly versatile, flexible, and small in size. No other format  offers the same level of customization and compression as a PDF. That's why it’s so popular for creating manuals, presentations, and other documents for wide distribution.

5. PDF adoption is growing

Most people are familiar with PDFs nowadays.

Technology often advances to a point where we phase out older technologies and formats for superior alternatives. PDF has a long history and will continue to be adopted and improved as technology does. They’re always going to be used and it’s important for your startup to adopt PDFs to display professionalism and also take advantage of the benefits for smoother business operation.

For convenience and security, share documents as PDF files, not Word or Google Doc.

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