Tips and Tricks for Working in Coffee Shops and Other Public Spaces

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Oct 31

Coffee shops and other public spaces can be great places to work. While we all love the idea of working from home, when we get the chance, many of us find that it’s too quiet. We’re distracted by home life and all the chores that we need to do. We can’t focus on work, and we struggle to find a work-life balance when it’s all happening in the same place. Many home workers also find that they become lonely. They miss the hustle and bustle of a busy office, and of having someone to talk to. 

Coffee shops, restaurants, libraries, and other public areas make fantastic alternatives and are great when you work from home most of the time, but fancy a change from time to time. They give you an excuse to get out of the house and speak to people. Working in a more crowded environment can improve your mood and spark your creativity. Sometimes, we just need to get out and work somewhere else to avoid boredom and cabin fever. But, only if you get it right. Here are some tips to help you to work in coffee shops and other public spaces.

Stay Safe

?When working out of the home and office, your safety, as well as the safety of your equipment and work, is crucial. Keep yourself safe by being sensible. Don’t leave your computer, or any other equipment unattended, and be careful with drinks. Keep your work safe while using a public wi-fi hotspot by using a no logs vpn. Stay alert, keep your possessions close, and think about what you are doing, and there’s no reason to assume that you and your work aren’t perfectly safe in a coffee shop. 

Find A Few Places You Like

The best way to find the best places to work is to try some out. We all work differently, and we all feel comfortable in different locations. Think about what you need to work, but bear in mind; this might not always be the same. Some days, you might need plug sockets and an internet connection. Others, you might just need a table and chair. Sometimes, you might not need anything at all. You might be able to sit making notes or reading on the grass in the park. Try libraries, coffee shops, cafes, and other public places close to home to find what works, and where you work best. 

Rotate Where You Work

Having a favorite local coffee shop is great, but if you always work in the same place, it starts to feel too comfortable, and it becomes less effective. You’ll also be in danger of getting annoying if you are always hogging the same tables. Work from home some days, and rotate where you work the rest of the time. 

Find Cheap Coffee

While you might love sitting in a luxury restaurant or coffee shops catching up with friends, ask yourself if that’s the best place to work. If you are going to work somewhere regularly, try to find somewhere with reasonable coffee prices or free refills.

Don’t Make One Coffee Last All Day

But, don’t make that same cup of coffee last all day. Remember, the coffee shop that you are working in is a business too. They are there to make money, and the staff won’t be impressed with you taking up a table for hours at a time, without spending any money. 

Time it Right

Nor will they be impressed if you take up a table and spend very little money during a particularly busy period when they could be making more money off the table. 

At the same time, you might find it much harder to work if you are sat in a busy area, surrounded by people and noise. It will be hard to focus, you’ll get distracted easier, and there’s a much higher chance of hot drinks being spilled on your notes or computer. 

Be Nice to the Staff

You should always be friendly and polite to staff, in any situation. But, especially when you are using their place of work as your own. Remember, you are just a customer, and at some point, you might need their help or assistance. Be nice, be friendly, and be courteous. Try to build friendly relationships with people that serve you often. You never know when you might need them. 

Having friendly relationships with staff can also help to decrease any loneliness that you may feel while working remotely. If you miss the camaraderie of working in an office, this can go some way to helping. 

Tip Well

Everyone loves a good tipper. You don’t need to leave massive tips every time you visit an establishment. But, if someone goes the extra mile for you, show your gratitude. A Christmas card and a box of chocolates never hurts either. 

Set a Budget

We’ve said that you shouldn’t make one cup of coffee last all day, but it can be so easy to overspend. At the moment, you might be saving money by avoiding the commute into the office, but that money can quickly vanish if you are buying coffee, lunch, and treats most days. Set yourself a weekly budget for when you are working out of the home and stick to it. 

Use a Small Table

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people working in coffee shops take up the biggest table in the place, laying their notes and equipment out and taking as much space as possible. Use the smallest table that you can, to show consideration to staff and other customers. 

Avoid the Queues 

Visiting in quiet times hopefully means that queuing will be at a minimum. But, when there is a massive queue, don’t waste time by joining it. Wait until the rush has passed to get up and order. 

Clean Up After Yourself

It’s always considerate to clean up, or at least help out a little before you leave. Don’t treat wherever you’re working as your own private workspace.

Follow these tips and you'll have a more productive time working in a coffee shop.

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