Who’s Lexi and Why Should You Hire Her?

Lexi RodrigoI want to make the world a better place.

I wondered if the best way to do that was through chemistry (the physical essence of matter), psychology (why humans do what we do), or communication (how words and images influence human behavior).

I decided it was communication (and being a good wife and parent – but that's another story!).

I have used this skill to teach, having begun my career in public information and a children's television program.

In the non-profit world, I used communication to empower, shape behavior, and change public policy.

Today I use communication to help entrepreneurs share their gifts with the world.

As a writer, I don't claim to be particularly clever. However, I do know my grammar and I can transmit ideas clearly. I have a knack for synthesizing disparate parts into a cohesive and meaningful whole.

Most of all, I believe copywriting and marketing shouldn't be violent. You will never see the word “kick-a$$” and other profanities in copy I write. Not only are those words violent; they're overused and tired.

If you agree with me, then you might want to hire me to write your sales and marketing content.

Or keep reading around this site. In this blog, I share what I know about using content to demonstrate thought leadership, attract more leads, and convert leads into sales.

No matter what tools we use, the essence of communication remains the same: to bring about change.

Isn't it amazing how the right combination of words, delivered to the right audience, using the perfect medium can change hearts, thoughts, actions… and lives?

I'm on a lifelong quest to discover, understand, and achieve these pathways for effective communication. I hope you'll join me.

Lexi Rodrigo Copywriter Social Media Manager

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What clients say about me

“I first hired Lexi to do a sales page for me. I was impressed not just by her talent, but by her professionalism and resourcefulness as well.

Since then, I've hired Lexi to manage my affiliate program and to help me implement my online marketing strategies. Not only does she get the job done, she continually adds more value whenever she sees the possibility.

I also know when I am stuck on something, that I can trust Lexi will help me find a solution to my writing or technical issues so that I can communicate with my clients in an effective and impactful way.”

Elena Verlee



“I just adore Lexi and find her to be an extremely talented copywriter and budding entrepreneur. Keep your eye on her. She’s got the heart and drive to become a key player in this business.”

Nicole Dean



“I'm blessed to have found Lexi!

The truth is, she outperforms anyone I've ever worked with and comes to the table with brilliant ideas and profitable internet marketing tactics.

She's always on schedule, keeps in constant communication, and goes over and above expectations.

If you're looking to boost your conversion rates and profits, then you need Lexi. Period.”

Ronnie Nijmeh