[Attract More Buyers] Lesson 1: Throw away everything you know about selling

This is the first installment of “7 Lessons to Attract More Buyers Online,” a free e-course you signed up for at AlexisRodrigo.com

Your first lesson is this: You can sell more online by not selling at all.

Have I lost my mind?

Before you decide that you’ve made the wrong decision in getting this course, let me explain.

Why selling doesn’t work very well

Most people like to buy, but they don’t like being sold to. When they sense that you’re pushing something to them, they put up all these walls. They reject your message. “This person wants my money,” they think. “Well she’s not getting it!”

On the other hand, if you begin the relationship from the place of generous giving, the dynamics between you and your prospects changes dramatically.

The relationship becomes one of give-and-take. Your prospects’ defenses will go down. They’ll feel that it would be nice to give something back to you. It could be an email address, loyalty to your blog, a recommendation, or even money.

This works even when your prospect knows you have an ulterior motive. It’s human nature, and it’s irresistible.

However, I’m not suggesting you get prospects to buy out of a sense of obligation. Rather, I’d like to recommend an approach where you attract buyers because they’re thoroughly convinced of your awesomeness.

Your real mission

I highly recommend that you change your ulterior motive. Instead of working for a sale, let this be your mission instead:

to help improve the lives of the right people with your products and services

You’re in business because you believe that you can change people’s lives for the better. This means you do them a disservice by doing a poor job of marketing your products and services. On the other hand, by being a more magnetic and effective marketer, you’re able to touch more lives.

You have the obligation to get your products and services in the hands of the people who want them the most.

Introduction to Magnetic New Marketing

Magnetic New Marketing helps you achieve this in a way that doesn’t make your prospects defensive and unresponsive.

In its essence, Magnetic New Marketing is the use of direct response copywriting principles in content marketing.

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. Direct response copywriting is the strategic use of words and images to get specific and measurable responses from readers. In direct response copywriting, you apply specific communication strategies to get the reader to carry out the action you want them to do – whether it's subscribing to your newsletter or buying your product. Persuasion tactics and neuro-linguistic programming are only some of the ingredients in direct response copywriting.

Content marketing is the distribution of value-filled, FREE content to attract followers, buyers and partners. Content may include blog posts, articles, marketing videos, podcasts – anything that provides value to your readers. By value I mean something that will help your readers improve their lives somehow.

Either content marketing or copywriting alone can bring you results. For instance, you may have used free special reports to build a list of subscribers. However, unless you apply copywriting principles as well, your opt-in and conversion rates may not be as high as they could be.

Conversely, your sales page may have all the elements of direct response copywriting. But if your sales copy is not “too valuable to throw away” (a term coined by top copywriter Gary Bencivenga), your conversion rates may suffer. Those who aren’t ready to buy what you’re offering today will click away, never to return. However, if even your promotional materials were useful in and of themselves, your readers are likely to keep them – and be able to reach when the time comes that they’re interested and able to buy your offerings.

By applying copywriting principles in content marketing, you won't be desperately trying to convert your readers with one shot, as you would with a banner ad. Instead, you build a relationship with them, one that allows them to get to know, like and trust you – enough so that they eagerly buy your stuff. At the same time, you’ll have multiple opportunities to communicate with them, familiarize them with your way of doing things, and occasionally send promotions their way.

The ideal merchant-buyer relationship

The process of relationship-building in Magnetic New Marketing goes very much like this:

1. You attract your prospects through your blog or other free and valuable content. The content also brands you as an expert and authority in your field. Those who are ready to buy do so. Others hang around just because your stuff is so good.

2. Using the social features of the Internet, you engage with your prospects. You keep giving them valuable content. You help them move closer to their goals. Your content also moves them closer and closer to buying.

3. Eventually, many of your loyal followers will reach a point when they're ready to buy from you. And they do so. Using this approach, it's not unusual to develop a loyal tribe of buyers who buy everything you put out.

In the next lesson, you’re going to learn the first attraction tool you need to apply Magnetic New Marketing in your business. Watch out for it in your email inbox.


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