Building Trust In Your Online Store

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May 06
Building trust in your online store

The online marketplace landscape is a much friendlier and safer place nowadays. When sites such as eBay first launched, there was a lot more general distrust about the idea of buying things online that has largely subsided by now. But this is not because customers have simply gotten more complacent. Many of them have also become a lot more savvy and know how to tell a legitimate site from one that might not be worth putting their trust in. How do you convince those customers that your site is in the first category?

Show yourself with Instagram reels

If you are able to demonstrate that the business is powered by very real people, including those who are able and willing to make themselves known, it can dispel some doubts in the mind of the customer. Instagram reels offer a great way to do just that. By sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, product demonstrations, and customer testimonials, you humanize your brand and establish credibility. Consistent, high-quality content fosters trust by demonstrating your commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction. 

Make sure you have a security certificate

One of the things that many customers have been trained to notice, at this point, is whether or not a website has the security certificate to demonstrate the safety of the site. Customers know to look out for the little padlock symbol and to check that the URL states ‘https’ rather than just ‘http’. As such, you should look for a reliable provider of website security certificates and make sure that your site fits all of its criteria to get that recognizable marker of trustworthiness for yourself.

Do what you can to combat fraud

One of the key challenges facing any eCommerce store, as well as its customers, is the prospect of fraud. A user’s details being accessed without their consent and being used to make purchases, for instance, can be a major headache for both the customer and the business doing the sale. To that end, do what you can to prevent unlawful logins with verification methods, and prevent untrustworthy transactions with protection from credit card fraud. Having the right protections to prevent this kind of fraud is a clear demonstration that you’re on the side of the customer, earning their trust in the long term.

Get some trust badges

Trust badges are a form of signifier that your website, brand, and business are legitimate and verified by the bodies that provide them. There are different kinds of trust badges, some of them provided by the security services you use, such as your security certificate provider and merchant account supplier. Others can be provided by industry groups who have double-checked to ensure that you fit the standards to be made a member. Trust badges do work, but you want to try and acquire those that have the most backing and legitimacy behind them.

You have to maintain trust with your customers if you want your online store to succeed. The tips above are just some of the ways you can do just that.

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