Better Business Management

Good answer! Improving your business processes, planning, and systems will make it more profitable and enjoyable to run.

Below are some resources to help you run your business like a pro!

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  1. 2019 Business Planner ($37) - Stay focused on business tasks and to grow my passive income
  2. Ultimate VA Business Planning Blueprint ($37) - Designed specifically for online service providers, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed when it comes to planning out your business
  3. Home Business Balance - Client Onboarding Planner ($27) - Wow your new clients right from the start. Identify areas of improvement for your process from closing the client sale to your first service call and beyond, freeing up hours of time and allowing you more time to concentrate on serving your clients. <<< MY TOP CHOICE!>>>
  4. Thriving Biz Club One Free Month ($77) - Turn your self-employment gig into a real business that supports you without stressing you out
  5. Do Less, But Better - Printable Journal ($9.95) - Contains carefully selected prompts and quotes to encourage you focus on what you want to eliminate from your life, what you'd like to improve, and how to achieve a better balance
  6. Done-for You Passive Income Planner ($37) - 19 page done-for-you planner and use it to fill the gaps where you could be earning passive income in your business; includes Private Label Rights (PLR) so you customize, brand, and sell or give away the planner as your own
  7. Monetize Your Day ($27) - over 100 different things you can promote, no matter what your niche is
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Great Big Biz & Life Bundle
Alexis Rodrigo, Copywriter

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~ Lexi