Are you happy with the amount of business your website/blog and email marketing are generating for you?

If not, I can help you find out what's not working.

Email Marketing Audit

This service will help you answer the following questions:

  • Do your email messages build a positive relationship with your subscribers?
  • Do they reflect your brand promise, unique selling proposition and make you
    stand out from other similar content providers?
  • Can this email marketing campaign do better and have better results?

In this audit, I will evaluate the content of your emails based on the 5Cs of Persuasive Content, and measure your email marketing against my 15-point Usability Checklist.

I will make recommendations to optimize your email marketing campaigns based on the results of my review, and suggest which current best practices apply in your situation.

Fee: Starts at $375. Please contact me for a quote.

Website/Blog Content Audit

If you have an existing website/blog but you're unhappy with the amount of traffic, engagement, leads and sales that it generates for you, then this is the service you need. It includes:

  • A thorough review of your site, measuring it against web best practices
  • A detailed report of your site's strengths and opportunities to improve traffic, engagement and conversion
  • A customized Content Strategy to boost organic traffic and site conversions

Fee: Starts at $1000. Please contact me for a quote.