Use The Right Words to Attract, Build Rapport and Strengthen Trust

Are your marketing communication materials bland? Do they bring lackluster results? Do you wish you could get more return for your marketing efforts?

Then make sure your copy – the words on your marketing materials – is persuasive, compelling, and engaging.

If you're still writing your own marketing communication materials, while juggling all your other responsibilities…

If you're overwhelmed with the amount of fresh, compelling content you need to put out regularly and consistently for effective content marketing and social media marketing…

If you want all your marketing communication materials to bring measurable results…

… then you put the power of persuasive writing (aka copywriting) to work in your marketing. You can have:

pink-checkmore qualified leads into your sales funnel
pink-checkmore paying clients and customers

pink-checkhappier clients and customers who spread the word about you
pink-checkmore funding for your startup or non-profit
pink-checkmore volunteers
pink-checkmore sponsorships
pink-checkmore joint venture partners and affiliates

Sound good?

Post a CommentAs a writer trained and experienced in direct response copywriting, I can help you produce more persuasive, effective, and response-generating materials — whether it's for traditional marketing communications, content marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing.

Here are just some of the results I’ve helped get for my clients:

  • website traffic doubled, tripled, or more
  • at least 15% increase in qualified leads
  • closed 25% of annual sales for a tech company
  • mentions by market leaders
  • blog ranked 7th out of top 60 industry blogs in the world

I've helped clients achieve all this by delivering writing that's clear, audience-centric, strategic, and laser-focused. There's no fluff or hype in my clients' copy!

Want to get get your product out of the dark and in front of our prospects? Contact me and we’ll discuss how I can help you.