How Press Releases Can Boost Your Business

What is a press release?

A press release is a news-style article about your business, product or service. It provides facts and information. It is written in a straightforward manner, unlike an advertisement, which appeals to the emotions.

What is the purpose of a press release?

The ultimate purpose of a press release is to generate publicity for your business by alerting journalists about your story. If your press release is interesting enough, or is related to a story that a journalist is working on, then he or she will contact you for an interview. Sometimes, press releases – whether in part or as a whole – are picked up and used in radio programs, TV, newspapers, or magazines.

How else can press releases help my business?

Because press releases are now distributed online, press releases have become part of the new media. As such, press releases now have the potential to become viral (spreading widely, uncontrollably) on the Internet and even offline.

Because of this, press releases can boost your business in other ways, such as:

  • bringing traffic into your website
  • creating links from authority sites going to your website and, thus, improving its ranking in the search engines
  • increasing the perceived credibility and authority of your business – and yours, the business owner – by increasing your online presence and reputation

How should I write press releases for the new media?

Writing press releases for the new media is different from writing press releases for the “old” media (radio, television and print). Here are some of the differences:

  • Because your press releases will be competing with so much content on the Internet, your press releases need to be search engine optimized. That is, each press release should target specific keywords for which it should appear on the first page of search engine results pages.
  • Press releases for new media should have shorter paragraphs and plenty of bullet points.
  • Press releases for the new media should be supplemented with other formats, such as audio and video.
  • You  can and should help promote your own press releases through RSS feeds and social networking.
  • Your press releases should be integrated with all your other online content, such as your websites and social networking pages/profiles.

What's the best and easiest way for business owners to leverage the power of press releases?

One of the easiest ways to build up your business's visibility is to send out a press release at least once a month. Distribute it to online press release directories, such as PRWeb, as well as to media in your location, depending on your target market.

What Should My Press Release Be About?

Your press release should be anything that can be considered newsworthy. Usually, newsworthy includes anything that is:

  • new
  • unusual
  • relevant (related to another newsworthy event, person or thing)
  • important or affects a number of people
  • of human interest, such as the stories behind your business

A marketing professional can help you identify newsworthy topic ideas around your business. She will help you come up with a strategic plan for enhancing your visibility, both offline and on the Internet. Make sure to work with somebody who knows how to use press releases in the new media to promote and grow your business.

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