How to Manage Facebook Groups

By Alexis Rodrigo | Social Media

Feb 23
How to Manage Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to create more social interaction on Facebook, so you can improve your Facebook organic reach, make valuable connections, attract more leads, and make more sales.

But managing Facebook groups can be a challenge.

Watch and discover how Val Selby, host of the Wife Behind the Fire group, reveals her secrets to growing the group to 757 members, with a participation rate of 96%.

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What We Covered

  • 04:11:  Why are Facebook groups a good idea for marketers and business owners? 
  • 08:40:  What type of group should you create: public, secret, or closed? 
  • 15:37:  How do you get people to join your group? 
  • 19:13:  How do you keep members interested and engaged? 19:13
  • 29:25:  Should you monetize your group? And, if so, how? 

Facebook wants us to "encourage meaningful interactions between people." The best way to do that is with Facebook groups.

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Your Next Step

Create a Facebook group around a topic related to your business or product. Or if you already have a group, then try some of the tactics Val shared in the interview.

Then tell us how it's going!

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