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Social Media Marketing

Here are some resources to help you reach social media success:
  1. Social Media Planner ($17) - A social media planner you can edit, brand, and sell or give away as your own
  2. Your Social Plan ($25) - daily social media planner with three customized social media posts, daily marketing tip, daily engagement checklists and places to keep up with your social strategy
  3. Smarter Social Success 3-Day Intensive ($57) - 3-day live group coaching experience where we'll dive into how to prep and set up for success, find where you need to be on social media, guide you through budget-friendly tools without getting overwhelmed, and learn how to use automation that makes you sound like a smart human, not a silly bot
  4. Easy Peasy Viral Content for Facebook ($97) - 888 brandable quote posters (png, jpeg) will save you hours (and hours) of time! Just add your logo and your own brand colors. Plus, the proven techniques I personally used to grow my page to over 250K followers
  5. On-Camera Confidence ($97) - learn how to use simple on-camera videos to promote your business and confidently do more of it
  6. Leverage the Power of Live Video to Grow Your Audience & Sell Your Products ($47) - The complete guide to setting up and leveraging live video in your business
Everything on this list plus 52 other products are part of Kelly McCausey's Great Big Biz & Life Bundle that you can get for less than the cost of just one item on this list. It truly is a mammoth of a bundle!

High-Performing Website

  1. Made You Look! The workshop you need for an About Me page you'll love ($47) - A comprehensive 4-part workshop that walks you through the narrative of your About Me page, including dozens of prompts in six worksheets with an outline at the end to help you tie it all together
  2. Traffic Booster Checklist Bundle ($37) - 20 different checklists will give you all the tips and recommendations to improve the traffic to your website
  3. Your Guide to Google Analytics Explained ($27) - 11-page guide shows you how to analyze your traffic by tracking where: your visitors are coming from, what pages they visit, browsers used, mobile visitors and more
  4. Blog Smart Profitable Blogging Cheat Sheets ($17) - 7 cheat sheets: Daily To-Do list; Blog Post Cheat Sheet; Email Set-up Cheat Sheet; Content Plan Cheat Sheet; Simple SEO; Tripwire Set-up; Affiliate Marketing
Great Big Biz & Life Bundle

Powerful Branding

  1. The Ultimate Expert Kit ($96) - 8 Field Guides, Workbooks, and Planners to create your online authority building plan step-by-step, the right way
  2. Signature Stories That Sell ($97) - Video course and workbook will walk you through the steps to figure out what story to tell to attract more customers and clients, win their trust, and make them want to buy from you <<< MY TOP CHOICE!>>>
  3. Brand Design: How to Develop Your Business's Brand So That It Packs a Powerful Punch ($47) - how to decide on your business's brand and how to execute it properly

Still don't see what you need? The Great Big Biz & Life Bundle has a total of 58 resources (yup, I counted them for you) for business and other areas of your life. See what's included.

Alexis Rodrigo, Copywriter

PS: I'm an affiliate of Kelly McCausey, which means I will get a commission if you choose to buy the bundle through my link. While I only promote products I myself use and stand behind 100%, you should still do your due diligence before making any purchase. (In case you're interested, I purchased the Bundle and upgrade, and have started working on my Signature Story, another program in the bundle.)

~ Lexi