Here's a list of resources that I myself use/have used. (Yes, most of these are affiliate links so I will make a little extra if you sign up through my links.)

Web Hosting

Blue Host – It's the only one I've tried so I can't compare it with anything else. I chose it because it was recommended by a few Internet marketers I was following, and it had all the features I was looking for: unlimited domain hosting, good price, pay through Paypal, etc.


Total Package – I wish I could afford the course, but I can't so I only read the blog. It's enough to teach me a lot of things that I didn't learn in university as a communication major. Clayton Makepeace really knows about copywriting!

Red Hot Copy – I was attracted to Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero because, like me, she dreamed of leaving her office job and working from home because she just knew that it was the best for her children. Her copywriting course is also top-notch. Just get what you can afford.


E-lance – A good source for freelancing jobs, or a place to find freelancers. In the Elance University, you'll learn things like how to create your online profile and bid for projects. Monthly fee is $9.

Freelanceswitch – Good for finding freelancing jobs and advice for freelancers. For $7 a month, you get access to freelance job offers.

Shelancers – A membership site for female freelancers. For $10 monthly, you get listed in a directory of freelancers and numerous resources.

Internet Marketing

Jimmy Brown – Just about the only Internet Marketer who has earned my trust. I don't know exactly why but before Jimmy, I never paid for anything! He preaches and practices over-delivering. You always get more than what you pay for. Jimmy has resources about anything IM-related that you could possibly want to learn about.

Mom Masterminds – A mastermind group for work at home Moms. I love interacting with other Moms who are striving to achieve work-life balance through Internet marketing. Tons of resources here, as well as practical advice and coaching from a very lively forum.