Success Mindset

Good answer! A success mindset is essential to overcoming all the challenges of running your own business.

Below are some resources to help you stop self-sabotaging and start thinking more like a winner! 

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  1. Hilda: Tackle Your Inner Naysayer, Get Out of Your Own Way, & Unleash Your Badassery Audiobook ($14.95) - An amusing yet actionable self-help book; explores the ways your inner saboteur operates while providing powerful tactics for silencing the noise, getting out of your own way, and realizing your true potential.
  2. Get It Done, Dammit! Group Coaching ($97) - 2-day live group coaching experience to dive into what's holding you back from taking action and getting things done in your business <<< AMAZING VALUE! >>>
  3. Fearless Mindset: Increase your confidence so you can take the next step ($97) - Take control of your mindset, your belief that you deserve to ask for more of what you want with clients, your boss, your peers, and your family
  4. Your Magical Mind Regular ($47) - eBook takes you through three easy and effective coaching methods or techniques that life coaches frequently use to help their clients change their thoughts and create the life they crave
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Alexis Rodrigo, Copywriter

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~ Lexi