5 Things You Don’t Need to Be a Successful Freelancer

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Oct 23

Tell friends and family that you plan to go freelance and you'll get a ton of (unsolicited) advice.

They'll ask  how you plan to stay motivated.

They'll want to know how you can stay productive working in your home (or a coffee shop) without a boss breathing down your neck.

They’ll wonder whether you'll successfully manage your time.

And they’ll ask how much money you’ll make, too (because crude questions are always winners!).

You already know what you need to be successful when you freelance in your industry.

With just a computer, your connections, and a website to showcase your services and expertise, you can run a very successful freelance business, indeed.

You need to be able to keep your contracts running and you need to be the type of person who can comfortably work alone.

With that in mind, there are things  you DON’T need to be successful as a freelancer.

Let’s take a look!

A Physical Address

When you freelance, you don't need a physical address because you can work from wherever you want to. If it’s a sunny day, head out to the park and get comfortable on a blanket in the shade. You can hot desk in an office that’s shared with others, renting the space for an “office” experience. You can even work from your favourite coffee shop if you want to. There’s no need to have a physical address when you can work like a nomad.

Tons of Paper Documents

Being a freelancer means spending most of your time online. This reduces your need for filing cabinets and paperwork taking up space. Embrace the cloud and be a little greener in your business efforts by making a point not to print or copy too much paperwork.

Family/Friend Support

Those questions we mentioned earlier? Those usually come from those closest to you who are too afraid to make the leap from being behind their desks. You don’t need much support when it comes to being a freelancer - it’s your chance to do your own thing and not worry about what other people have to say about it. It’s a nice thing to have, but it’s not necessary, and if you want to freelance, you should go ahead and do it regardless of what people say.

Fear of Rejection

As a freelancer, rejection is going to be the friend you see once or twice a month. Working as a freelancer in any industry often means pitching your ideas and being knocked back time and time again. Don’t be afraid of this—rejection can help you to build contacts and learn where your skills aren’t needed.

Free Time

There is no such thing as “free” time when you are a freelancer, because all of your time IS FREE. Not in the sense that you're giving it all away, or that you don't have to work at all. All your time is free in the sense that you decide how to spend your time. You get to choose your clients, what your work hours will be. Work 9-5. Do client work at 2 in the morning. Take a vacation for a week. Change your schedule at the spur of the moment to run to your child's school. You get to control your time—as long as you meet your client obligations, of course. It’s up to you now!

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