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Alexis Rodrigo

Hi, thank you for clicking on the link from my Twitter profile. Let me tell you about myself so you can decide whether to follow me on Twitter or not.

I am Alexis Rodrigo, a wife for 16 years and Mom to three kids. I dreamed of becoming a stay at home Mom when I had only one child. Now, at last, I am living that dream. I worked in the non-profit sector for 19 years, most recently in UNICEF.

Today I am a freelance writer and online marketing consultant, helping other self-employed professionals and solopreneurs achieve their dream by finding more customers through the Internet. And I get to do it all in the comfort of my home.

Sometimes, I can hardly recognize my life.

The Internet Marketer's Copywriter

As a copywriter and consultant, I specialize in writing sales pages, and creating social media marketing plans for my clients. I help my clients make more money! Video marketing is a new service. After making a couple of videos for my own businesses, I rediscovered my love of making videos, which I picked up from working in children's television.

To find out more about my marketing writing services, visit: www.AlexisRodrigo.com

My Blogs

I am also a blogger. The following are my main blogs:

  • A Blog a DayWhere I write about my real-life experiences in Internet marketing, social media, and copywriting. What works, what doesn't, and what's new.
  • My Life Shift – Where I muse about transforming myself and my life from an office-going Mom to a stay and work at home Mom
  • The Savvy Freelancer – My latest baby, where I share tips and resources on how freelancers can achieve wealth and freedom. It takes a lot of savvy, but it can be done!

Future Plans

I have a couple of new projects planned this year (I'll do anything to get an excuse for not vacuuming the house!), involving helping people make more moolah through the Internet – using legitimate means, of course!

When I Am Not Working …

I enjoy baking, doing crafts (sewing is my current favorite), and reading anything in print. I am also learning how to knit. Occasionally, my children and I do paper crafts. I love reading crafting blogs and sewing books. Alas, I read more than I do!

These are the things I Twitter about – motherhood, family life, married life, freelancing, Internet marketing, freelancing, copywriting and creative activities. I have to admit, some of my tweets are mundane – but I promise, I never ever tweet about going to the washroom. I also always share anything useful, insightful and enlightening that I discover online.

If you haven't done so already, do follow me on Twitter. I do not automatically follow back, but if you respond to my tweets thoughtfully, I most likely will.

Tweetcha later!

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