Stop writing blog posts that rehash what others have already said about your topic.

That’s now how you’re going to attract more traffic and high-quality leads through your blog.

Follow one or a combination of the tips in this video, and your blog posts will become more detailed, more useful, and more of service to your readers.

In summary, here are the tips again:

  • Before anything else, find out what you’re up against. Use Google (preferably using Chrome in incognito mode) or a tool like SEMRush to discover which posts are already ranking for the specific topic you want to write about. Read those posts and start thinking of how you’re going to add to what they’re already saying.
  • Tip #1. Tell – then show by giving examples. Beware the “curse of knowledge”: when you know a topic so well that you think it’s common sense. Help your readers understand exactly what you mean by giving examples. For example, see how I gave an example for each main point in this post on blog post openings.
  • Tip #2. Break it down. Don’t assume your readers know how to do what you’re telling them to do. Break it down for them into 3, 5, or however many actionable steps. Don’t give them a reason to leave your blog to get the details. A blogger who does this very well is Neil Patel. Check out his posts here.
  • Tip #3. Be a maverick. This is the hardest tip to pull off, but if you can, then go for it. Being a maverick means saying something unique about the topic. You can do this by either giving a new spin or perspective, contradicting popular knowledge or beliefs about the topic, or calling attention to certain nuances. If you do this, you will be positioning yourself as an authority in your field.

Which of these tips will you use on your next blog post?


20 reasons to teach an online course

Not enough people are teaching online courses who should be.

Almost everybody knows something that’s so valuable to others that they’d be willing to pay to learn it.

If you’ve thought about it, but are doubting your capability or the very idea of teaching online, then I hope the following will convince you to give it a fair try.

Do you think you’re a special snowflake for whom this doesn’t apply? Watch the stories of these unlikely course creators who overcame their doubts and are

Here are 20 reasons to become an online course creator:

1. Leverage your knowledge and skills.

You worked long and hard to get the education and experience you have. Why not make the most of it by sharing them with as many people as possible? And if you’re already helping people one-on-one or through small groups, imagine what you could do if you weren’t limited by the boundaries of geography or time.

2. Make a positive impact in people’s lives.

You probably know something that could help somebody else out. Maybe ease their pain and suffering, make life easier, boost their happiness, help them save a little money, or make more of it. If that’s true well then, why keep it to yourself?

3. Make money online.

You’re reading this post, so in all likelihood, you’re interested in this make-money-online stuff. What are the biggest gurus doing? Teaching online classes! Is that proof enough for you?

4. Enjoy location independence and a flexible lifestyle.

Online is the only place you can teach anybody in the world without leaving the comfort of your pajamas. Imagine being able to address hundreds, even thousands of people, without ever hopping on a plane. And you can do it when it’s most convenient for you, whether that means teaching others when you’re home from your day job, or while taking care of a loved one.

5. Position yourself as an authority.

Nothing says “expert” as much as having a course on a topic. Think about it. Among your competitors, how many have online courses about your expertise?

Copy of 20 Reasons to Teach Online by aarodrigo

6. Leave a legacy.

Even when you pass away, your course will live on, as will the positive changes in the lives of people you’ve helped with it.

7. Keep growing in your field.

The more you teach a topic, the better you get at it. Besides, if you’re serious about teaching, you’ll stay on top of the latest developments and resources. You won’t be able to help but be the authority. [click to continue…]

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Hey there!

Since November 2016, I’ve been hard at work helping my employer, Danny Iny, to update his book, Teach and Grow Rich.

It’s a terrific book for anybody who wants to change lives and make money by creating and selling their own online courses.

The first edition has an average of 4.5 stars out of 244 reviews on, and this edition is at least 2x even better! But then, I’m probably not being 100% objective, so check it out for yourself 😉

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside this book:

If you’re reading this between January 26 to 30, 2017, then you’re in luck – the Kindle version is free! Click here to get it (along with some awesome bonuses).


Have you ever been to a networking event where you had just 90 — sometimes 60 — seconds to speak in front of the group?

I’ve been attending these types of networking meetings for the past few years, and let me tell you: while 90 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time at all, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve in such a short time.

IF you deliver a proper elevator pitch, that is!

If you use those precious few seconds well, boy oh boy, you will be more memorable than the dude who paid an extra $10 to get 6 minutes of stage time.

Elevator Pitch with Impact

So HOW do you make a big impact in 90 seconds or less? Consider putting your elevator pitch on steroids. Here are my suggestions: [click to continue…]


The Awesomization Nation graphic

As the first quarter of 2015 comes to an end, do you feel like you need to ramp things up? In your personal life? Business or career? Is life moving too fast, and you wonder if you’re doing enough to reach those goals you promised yourself you will accomplish this time, at last?

If so, then this post is for you.

Recently, I joined a group called The Awesomization Nation. It’s a support group, accountability group, and mastermind group all rolled into one.

But it’s the first of its kind.

The Awesomization Nation is all about becoming the Awesome version of… YOU.

[click to continue…]

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