I am a communication expert with over 20 years experience in various fields.

Work Experience

Before living my dream of becoming a stay- and work-at-home Mom, I worked for 16 years in UNICEF. First, as a communication consultant, and then as a regular member of its Communication Staff. There, I engaged mass media to publicize children's issues and generate public support for UNICEF's legislative agenda, finalized grant proposals and donor reports, and wrote speeches, audio-visual presentations and other advocacy materials.

I also have experience in television production. I worked 2 years as a Research Associate and Children's Club Coordinator at the Philippine Children's Television Foundation (PCTVF). I reviewed scripts and monitored taping sessions to make sure everything was appropriate for children and effectively supported the show's learning goals. I also auditioned child talents, and helped prepare them to face the camera. I also took part in various types of audience research – to find out exactly what children love to watch, what keeps their attention, and what helps them remember.

For a couple of years, I also wrote a monthly column on work-life balance for Good Housekeeping Philippines.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communication (Ateneo de Manila University). Short of a thesis, I did complete the academic requirements and pass the comprehensive exam for a Master of Arts in Communication Research (University of the Philippines).

I am also a certified childbirth educator (Childbirth International).

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