How To Stop Chasing And Start Attracting More Buyers

You're about to fall in love with selling.

Looking around the Internet, it looks like you need to resort to hypey, high-pressure, sleazy sales tactics to sell that product or service you've worked so hard on. The problem is, that pushy marketing style just doesn't sit well with you, does it?

Let me assure you, there IS another way.

If you’re looking for marketing that is…

pink-checkrelationship building
pink-checkvalue driven
pink-checkcustomer oriented
pink-checkheart centered
pink-checklong term

Then read on, because…

You Can Build A Different Kind Of Online Business – The Kind That Shows The Passion And Care That Went Into Your Product Or Service

I'm Lexi, a copywriter and online marketing consultant. I'm also a blogger and online marketer (you'll find out why that's important to you in a sec).

Since I began my home business, I've been studying and experimenting with a different way of selling – one that doesn’t feel like selling at all.

Rather, it's a way of marketing that comes from a genuine desire to help others with your talent, expertise and time – and that's your mission in life, isn't it?

Imagine an online business where:

… your blog or site naturally attracts warm prospects (who are actually interested in what you have to offer)

… instead of “subscribers,” you have a tribe of loyal fans (who are eager to buy your stuff as soon as you put them out)

… you gain a reputation for giving valuable content (it's so good that the stuff you sell must be so much better)

… every page on your site/blog is optimized for conversion (that is, every element on your site/blog serves to get your readers to do what you want them to do)

… your money pages – squeeze pages, landing pages and sales pages – provide value and have high conversion rates (because your readers arrive pre-sold)

… without having to promote yourself, potential joint venture partners approach you for profitable opportunities (so you can leverage your time and bank account)

All this is possible! (And you're about to find out how…)

I know because I've been using this new approach in my own online marketing endeavors. See, I don't just study marketing theories. I test them in real life, with my own blogs, websites and markets.

This means you get the benefit of having tried and tested marketing approaches applied in your business.

And what I've discovered is this: the way to sell without feeling like selling is by giving your prospects plenty of value – through useful, free content. The content should be so good that it helps bring your prospects closer to their dreams. And then you offer them products and services that help make them even happier.

But how do you provide value without sacrificing profits?

Introducing: Magnetic New Marketing – A Hybrid Of Content Marketing and Copywriting Principles

Magnetic New Marketing involves applying copywriting principles in ALL your content (not just sales pages), in order to get the desired responses from your audience.

With magnetic and persuasive  content, you move your readers through a 3-step process:

Magnetic New Marketing

Let's take a look at each step:


You use the Internet to provide content that your prospects want. Because they're already looking for this content, they will naturally be drawn to your blog/site. Having this content also boosts your reputation as an expert, authority and trustworthy source in your market.


Using the community building features of social media, you engage with your prospects. You learn more about their problems, concerns and hopes. You become a more responsive and sensitive marketer. This stage nurtures your relationship with your prospects, allowing your prospects to know, like and trust you.


Every piece of content you publish has a clear purpose, a specific desired response. This may be as simple as leaving a comment on your blog. Or it could require more of a commitment, such as subscribing to your ezine. Ultimately, you want to arouse your prospects' desire to buy your product or service. As long as you keep giving them useful, valuable content, many of them will.

With Magnetic New Marketing, you don't feel like you're selling at all. Instead, you're providing solutions to problems, remedies for your prospects' pain, and help that can change lives.

If you've read this far, it's probably because this is the marketing style that will finally help you absolutely love selling your products and services.

No Matter What Stage Your Business Is In, No Matter What Your Budget, You Can Find A Magnetic New Marketing Solution That's Perfect For Your Biz!

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