Blogging Answers (7 of 7): How Do You Promote Your Blog?

By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Nov 25
blog promotion

Blog promotion. This could be the most important question of all for a blogger:

Blogging Question

How do I promote my blog?

As a blogger, you'll find that blog promotion is one of your most important jobs—second only to actually writing great blog posts.

The Varied Answers

In this video, I share 10 different ways you can promote your blog so you can reach more readers.

Whether you're a beginner blogger or an advanced online marketer, here are 10 was you to do blog promotion:

  1. Email signature
  2. Social media accounts (Hint: Missing Lettr makes promoting your blog on social media super easy)
  3. Business cards and other printed marketing/sales materials
  4. Your email list
  5. Online groups, communities, and forums you're a member of
  6. Personal outreach
  7. Guest posting
  8. Podcast interviews
  9. Republishing and/or repurposing
  10. Affiliates - This is pretty advanced stuff and you need a robust online business platform to pull it off.

Watch the video for details on how to implement each blog promotion method and to discover essential caveats. Ignore them and you will end up destroying your reputation, so make sure to watch the video 😀

"How do you promote your blog posts?" Here are 10 blog promotion ideas, from beginners to advanced bloggers! [VIDEO]

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Tools of the Trade

You don't need fancy apps to promote your blog, but these are the tools I use to make my life easier (because I'm a one-woman blogging team and business):

New Old Stamp

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Missing Lettr

Automagically create social media posts as soon as you publish a new blog post—even guest posts on other people's blogs! Learn more

eCamm Live (Mac only)

Turn a blog post into a live video stream on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. Share your screen, interview guests, add a video or image background, overlay images and texts, and more! Learn more

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