How to Promote Your Blog with Missinglettr

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Mar 27
How to promote your blog with Missinglettr

Here's something few people will tell you, but I will remind you over and over again: Blogging is hard work.

Not only do you spend hours writing epic posts. You have to spend even more time promoting them!

To give you an idea, here's what I do to promote each new post on the Mirasee blog, where I'm the blog editor:

  • Write 5 tweets, making sure each one is different
  • Write two Facebook posts, again making them as different from each other as possible
  • Write two LinkedIn posts (yes, unique again!)
  • Find a quotable quote from the post and turn it into a social image, in different sizes, for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Pass everything on to my virtual assistant (paid $25/hour) for scheduling on HootSuite and MeetEdgar

... you get the idea.

Now I'm all for working hard. I believe that's table stakes for accomplishing anything worthwhile in this world.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't also work "smart" when you get the chance. In fact, if you work smart and hard, then you'll be surprised at what you can accomplish.

That's why I was thrilled when I learned about Missinglettr, a web-based platform that creates a 12-month drip campaign for your blog posts, with very little effort on your part.

So if you've been wondering how to promote your blog without slaving away for hours (save that time for writing instead), then you'll want to know more about Missinglettr.

Here's how Missinglettr works:


1. It monitors your blog, so it knows every time you publish a new post.

2. It creates social content to promote your new post, complete with images, quote memes, and hashtags.3. It schedules the content to be published on your social media accounts for the next 12 months intermittently - so you don’t turn off your followers.

3. It schedules the content to be published on your social media accounts for the next 12 months intermittently - so you don’t turn off your followers.

Setting it up just takes a few minutes. (Click on an image to zoom in.)

1. Add a new site.

Click on Add New Site, fill out the brief form then click the "Add Site" button.

Missinglettr link new site

That's all it takes to link a blog to your Missinglettr account.

And it doesn't even have to be your own blog. If you're a guest blogger for a site, for example, and want to promote your posts from there, you can use Missinglettr for that, too. Just make sure the site has a proper RSS feed for all the posts with you as an author.

For example, the feed for my posts on the Mirasee blog looks like this:

Use a feed validator to make sure the feed works, so Missinglettr can retrieve your posts for you. (However, if for whatever reason, your blog's feed doesn't work, you can still manually link individual posts. Read on to see how.)

When you've connected a site properly, Missinglettr will be able to monitor that site and find your most recent blog posts.

2. Add your social profiles.

Next, click on Social Profiles to add your social media accounts. As of this writing, you can connect your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts; Facebook and Pinterest are in the works. (For some reason my social profile images aren't showing up, but the social connections are working.)

missinglettr social account setup

3. Set the schedule.

Click the Schedule tab to select a posting schedule for your drip campaign. You can choose up to four specific times in the day.

missinglettr schedule setup

Missinglettr will schedule social content randomly at these times, on intermittent days, over the 12 months after you activate the campaign. Click Save when you're happy with your settings. If you're not sure what schedule to set up, don't sweat it. You can always go back and change these later on.

4. Set up your branding.

Click the Branding tab to establish the identifiers for the social content: Author Name, Brand Name, Brand Image, and what information you'd like to be included on quote images.

missinglettr branding setup

You'll see where these are used later on, when your campaign is generated.

5. Review your campaigns.

By now, you should have received a notification by email and on the Missinglettr dashboard, that there are campaigns pending. You have to review, edit, and either delete or approve each content before moving on.

To view your pending campaigns, click on the Campaigns button on the navigation bar on top of the Missinglettr dashboard. Each blog post has its own campaign. Click on Review Campaign to see each social content that has automatically been created for you!


a. Choose your hashtags.

Missinglettr will suggest some popular hashtags, based on the content of your blog post. You can delete these and type in new ones. If you'll be posting on Twitter, identify at least one hashtag. Don't worry, Missinglettr won't use these hashtags when posting on LinkedIn.

missinglettr hashtags

b. Review the content.

Here's my favorite part. Now, you'll see the images and text content that Missinglettr has generated from your post. It comes up with many variations of images and text, so you can mix and match to your heart's desire. And, yes, you can use your own, too.

I don't like the image in this content, so I click on the right arrow until I find an image I like. You can even upload your own image, if you like (available only on a paid plan). To edit the text, click on Edit underneath the box, type the text you want, then click Save.

missinglettr review content

Here's the edited content:

missinglettr edited content

Finally, click on Approve.

Go through each piece of content similarly until you've gone through the entire campaign. Remember to Approve each piece and not just save it 🙂

When you've approved every piece of content, click on the button that says, "Finished? Final Step."

c. Activate the campaign.

Specify when you want the campaign to begin, then click the Activate Campaign button.

missinglettr schedule campaign

That's it! You've just created your first 12-month, drip campaign to promote your blog on social media.

Of course, this only works for evergreen blog posts. If Missinglettr creates a campaign for a time-sensitive post that will no longer be relevant next month, then all you have to do is to reject the campaign.

How to Promote an Older Blog Post

You can also manually add a blog post you published in the past, or to promote a one-off guest post. Click the button that says, "Add a Past Blog Post."

Type the URL of the blog post and click Next.

missinglettr link past post

If Missinglettr found the post and got its title correct, click on "Create a Campaign for Me to Review."

missinglettr past post campaign

Then wait for the new campaign to show up under pending campaigns, and follow the same steps to review the content and activate the campaign.

Which Plan Is for You?

Missinglettr has three plans available: Individual, Business, and Enterprise.

If you don't blog all that much, then an Individual plan would be sufficient. But if you have several blogs, or regularly guest blog on different sites, then  a Business Plan is what you need. And, if you're a large corporation, then Enterprise is for you.

With either a Personal or Business Plan, you can:

  • promote your blog, even if you have several blogs
  • promote your guest posts on other people's blogs
  • easily create drip campaigns for the next 12 months for each blog post (you literally "set it and forget it")
  • forget about spending all that time creating your own images for social media
  • make your social posts stand out, especially with the branded quote images (that you didn't create yourself)
  • save on VA's fees (let your VA do something even more valuable than scheduling your blog promotions)

... and more!

For serious bloggers, the Business Plan is well worth the investment at the regular price. 

Doesn't Missinglettr make promoting your blog so much easier?

What tools do you use to promote your blog posts? Do tell me about it!


Affiliate Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Missinglettr. That means I'll earn a commission if you purchase Missinglettr  through any of my links on this website. While I only ever recommend products/services I myself use and believe in, you should always do your due diligence before purchasing any product.


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    Hi There! I’m a Luxury Beauty Blogger and this was such a wonderful post I will surely check out Missinglettr! ?

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      @Maria – Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words on my post. I’m glad you’re going to check out Missinglettr. I’m having a lot of fun with it (probably too much, haha!). What else are you doing to promote your blog?

  • Louise Myers says:

    Missinglettr looks interesting… I ended up testing it out on a free trial. I asked them how long this offer lasts, and they said I need to check with you. Can you let me know? Thanks!

    • Alexis Rodrigo says:

      Hi Louise! Thanks for stopping by and checking out Missinglettr. I’ll email you 🙂

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