How to Sell Your Information Product on the Internet: Week 3 of the Rapid Product Formula

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May 21

In Week 3 of the Rapid Product Formula course, we got into the nuts-and-bolts of selling your infoproduct on the Internet.

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Since I do have a couple of products online already, this week wasn't difficult for me at all.

However, I can totally understand how a complete newbie in infomarketing would be overwhelmed with this part of the process. All the more reason why this part of the course is essential!

The Internet Sales Process

The online sales process is made up of these activities:

  • setting up a way of processing payments over the Internet, so you can receive payments
  • having an online shopping cart, through which you will receive orders, record transactions, and automatically deliver your product
  • publishing your sales page, which is where your prospects will know all about your product and place their order
  • uploading your digital product to your server, and creating your download page (if your shopping cart does not provide this)
  • establishing an affiliate program. An affiliate program will automatically generate links your affiliates can use to track and get credit for their referrals. This is optional, but highly recommended, since it will help you make more sales.

Vendors for the Sales Process

There are lots of options for completing the sales process. In my case, I use:

  • PayPal as my payment processor
  • E-junkie for my shopping cart, affiliate program, and secure digital downloading

This combination is an excellent one, and I highly recommend it for those who are new to Internet marketing. It's very affordable (an E-junkie account starts at only $5 a month) and easy to use. For the price, E-junkie is quite powerful, offering not only a shopping cart, but an affiliate program and secure digital downloading as well.

Ronnie and Nicole discuss other options for various parts of the sales process, such as:

  • Clickbank
  • 1Shopping Cart
  • WAHM Cart
  • Digital Access Pass (a new discovery for me. DAP looks like a tough competition for Wishlist)
  • Amember
  • Wishlist

About Copywriting

As you can expect, I was pretty excited about this part of the sales process.

I discovered a different kind of way to prepare for copywriting. Even though I already have my own process, I did give this one a try. It's pretty good, especially for those who are new to copywriting.

I particularly enjoyed doing the research to find out what words and phrases my target market uses. Even though I thought I already knew my target market very well, I went ahead and did this exercise (you know, when you're learning something, you should follow it carefully the first couple of times!).

Because of this, I discovered a couple of really cool phrases. I'll definitely use one for my product's title. The other phrases will come in handy when I write the copy.

Nik and Ron gave us plenty of templates, including templates to use WordPress for our sales page–which is a favorite of mine, because I have seen first-hand how quickly a WordPress sales page can get indexed in Google.

The best part is, these templates work with any WordPress theme, which means I don't have to change any of my existing themes. I can simply add a page to an existing WP site and have it look like a sales page, without the usual navigation bar, sidebars, etc.

Ron also gave plenty of materials on an emerging trend in Internet marketing: the video sales letter (more on that in a future post).

For example, Ron provided a fill-in-the-blanks slideshow template, for those of us who want to try a video sales letter but are unsure how to do it.

I've decided to use a video sales letter for my infoproduct. You'll definitely see a link to it when I've got it live.

Progress Report

That's it for Week 3. I still haven't completed my product 🙁

But I have contacted an expert, whom I will interview to create a valuable bonus for my product. As soon as the interview date is finalized, I'll be at the point of no return.

Next week, I'll be writing about the final week of the Rapid Product Formula program. It's going to be all about marketing and promotions, especially for those who don't have big lists yet. Coming soon!

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