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Google Analytics for Beginners
Nov 17

Google Analytics for Beginners: Get Smart with Your Website Stats

By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

When I asked people on Facebook whether Google Analytics made them feel lost and confused, their answers shocked me:“[Google Analytics] makes me feel stupid,” said one website owner. “Using [Google Analytics is] like [being] in one of those scary cornfield [labyrinths],” said another. As a blogger since 2008, I know Google Analytics for beginners can be daunting, […]

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Get More Traffic to Old Blog Posts
Sep 07

3 Steps to Get More Traffic on Old Blog Posts

By Vicki Press | Blogging

To get more traffic to your blog, experts say you need quality content.That’s what ranks highly in searches and generates reliable website traffic, they say. True advice, but pretty vague nonetheless.The trouble is, we’re all different and content is subjective. What’s super-valuable to one person is nothing but rubbish to another.So, what do the experts […]

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