Yes, I Asked My Readers to Unsubscribe

By Alexis Rodrigo | Email Marketing

Jan 29

Every online marketer wants their lists to get bigger and bigger, right? So why did I just send an email to one of my lists today, asking them to unsubscribe?


I did this because I’m after quality and not just quantity. Sure, I want people to get on my list and give me permission to communicate with them regularly. On the other hand, I don’t want subscribers who never open my emails or, worse, tag my emails as “spam.” (All my lists are double opt-in, so there’s no way I would spam anybody)

Hopefully, today’s email will purge this particular list of those who signed up only for the free information, or those who’ve grown tired or bored with me. Because if that’s the case, then I’d rather make space in my list for those who are truly interested in what I have to offer.

Here’s the letter I sent:


Subject: Will you stay or will you go?

I’m emailing you today with an urgent question: Would you
like to stay subscribed to the XYZ Newsletter?

I ask because as the number of subscriber grows, it costs me
more to keep using the service that allows me to communicate
with you easily.

So I’d like to keep you in the system only if you really
want to keep receiving information from me.

If you decide to stay…

You’ll keep getting:

* weekly updates on new articles that are published at
* occasional news and information from me
* once in a while, a recommendation, promotion or offer for
a product or service I think you may like and find useful

If these sound good to you, then do nothing and you’ll stay

However, if you:

* are too busy to read emails from me
* think what you’ve gotten from me so far are useless,
boring or irrelevant
* think it’s offensive for me to send you promos that will
earn me affiliate commissions or outright sales (if/when I
come up with my own products)

…then please click the unsubscribe link below.

We’ll still be friends, I promise. I won’t get hurt or think
ill of you.

All I ask is that you take a minute or two to really think
about it and decide: will you stay or will you go?

Yes – Do nothing.

No – Click the unsubscribe link below.

Whatever your answer, thank you and have a great weekend!

*********END OF EMAIL**************

What do you think?

Was I foolish to ask my readers to unsubscribe? How do you make sure you attract and keep only quality leads in your lists? And how would you feel if you received this email?

PS: This email went out to my natural parenting list only. So if you didn’t receive it, that means you’re not on that particular list.

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