10 Email Subject Lines Worth Stealing

By Alexis Rodrigo | Copywriting

Aug 16
email subject lines swipe file

Are you struggling to write good email subject lines?

Keep reading because I’m about to share email subject lines that made me click and read the email.

Pick one or several to ‘copy’ and test.

Not copy word for word, but to use as a take-off point, as an inspiration.

10 email subject lines worth ‘stealing’

  1. Why Are More Young People Getting Colon Cancer? (Forks Over Knives)
  2. Why I keep ignoring your emails (Ben Settle)
  3. Are meetings a total waste of time? (Bob Bly)
  4. Doors Are Boring, Blik Makes Yours Fun.(Blik)
  5. Three guns to bring to a knife fight (Brian Kurtz)
  6. Give your work wardrobe a well-deserved promotion! (RW&Co)
  7. Only 10 will make it - are you one of them? (Danny Iny)
  8. Your Moz Terms of Use have changed. Try to contain your excitement. (Moz)
  9. It’s DO or DYE (Michaels)
  10. A webinar for anyone who eats… (Learning Herbs)

Email subject lines are just one kind of copy that are ‘short but mighty.

They may only be a few words long, but they can make or break an entire campaign.

If the subject line is boring, fewer people will read your email.

If fewer people read your email, fewer people will click the link to your sales page.

If fewer people get on your sales page, fewer people will buy your product or hire you.

And it was all down to the email subject line.

So how do you get better at writing email subject lines?

3 Ways to Improve Your Email Subject Lines Copywriting Skills

  1. Make your own swipe file of good email subject lines. Add to it any subject line that made you stop, look, and read.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Every time you have to send an email, write at least 10 possible email subject lines. Don’t just go with the first one that comes to mind.
  3. Learn from professional copywriters. There are plenty of copywriting courses available.

Karon Thackston’s Short Copy Success Secrets teaches you specifically about email subject lines and other forms of short copy.

Use what you learn to come up with new email subject lines to test—and see an increase in your email opens straight away. 

Until midnight Eastern time on August 20, you can enroll in Short Copy Success Secrets for only $19.

Now that’s a steal.

P.S.  Did you spot the email subject line that inspired a recent email I sent out? It was Bob Bly’s “Are meetings a total waste of time?” My version was “Are e-courses a total waste of time?” See what I did there? ?

Short Copy Success Secrets by Karon Thackston

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