On”Short Copy Success Secrets”: Interview with Karon Thackston

By Alexis Rodrigo | Copywriting

Aug 13
Short Copy Success Secrets

There's plenty of courses, books, and other resources about sales page copywriting. But in reality, an online business requires a lot of short copy. That's why copywriter and online course creator, Karon Thackston, created the course, "Short Copy Success Secrets."

In this post, Karon tells us more.

Lexi: What do you mean by "short copy"?

Karon: In this instance, I am referring to tiny pieces of copy such as...

  • Tweets that are rewarded with high numbers of clicks
  • Social posts that your peeps deem share-worthy
  • Email subject lines that pump up your open rates
  • Blog post titles that attract readers & subscribers by the droves
  • Bullet points that make site visitors drool
  • PPC ads that capture stellar clickthrough rates
  • Calls to action designed to close the sale fast
  • Or practically any other type of short copy
Short Copy Success Secrets by Karon Thackston

Lexi: What makes "Short Copy Success Secrets" different from other copywriting courses?

Karon: It is different because it is about short copy and how it impacts all of the rest of the copy you write. Think about it like this. When you send out an email, it does not instantly open and pop-up in the customers inbox. They see short copy first… the subject line.

Then the customer has to make a decision based on those few characters that show up. Do they like the short copy enough to open the email and read it? Or do they find it uninteresting and choose to swipe left?

For sales pages, you don't put up a sales page and then customers come rolling in automatically. What happens before they get to the sales page? They either read short copy on a social post, they get an email (see the comments above about what happens with emails), they click on a paid ad somewhere, they see a listing in search results, etc.

Something has to happen before people can find your web page and purchase from you. What's happening is they are reading and responding to short copy.

Tiny text drives big traffic and conversions because it opens the door to a pathway of profits.

Lexi: What’s a quick win that someone can get from "Short Copy Success Secrets"? And how quickly could they experience that win?

Karon: An example of a quick win would be seeing an increase in email opens. The timeframe depends on a dozen different things. But someone could start testing new email subject lines based on what they've learned in the training the very same day.

Lexi: The sales page mentions “magic words.” What are magic words exactly and do they really work? 

Karon: When I refer to magic words I am talking about highly persuasive words that typically get a strong, positive result. Because these words have been proven to evoke a good response, some people refer to them as "magic."

Lexi: Writing short copy is such a valuable skill in today’s noisy and crowded online platforms. Why are you offering Short Copy Success Secrets at such a low price?

I often have sales on my various online marketing courses and tools. It was time to share this extremely popular training with others again. Considering that many folks today are having financial issues, I decided to take the price down really low.

From August 15, 2023  12:01am Eastern time to August 20, midnight Eastern time, you can get "Short Copy Success Secrets" for only $19 or 51% off the regular price.


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