Blogging Answers (1 of 7): How Do I Start Blogging in a New Niche?

By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Nov 14

I'm answering your blogging questions in this series of videos.

Let's kick off the series by answering this blogging question:

Blogging Question

How do I get started blogging in a new niche? I am planning to research/write about "XYZ." Any advice? What should be our approach if we are starting in a completely new niche and want to share as we learn? 

3 Questions to Answer

Before you start a new blog, answer three questions:
  1. Whom do you want to serve? Who are your target readers?
  2. What's your goal for the blog? Do you want to blog for fun or profit? Or both?
  3. What topics will your blog be about? The answers to #1 and #2 will inform your answer to this question.
Watch the video for the details:

When you have the answers to these questions, do research on your potential competition. How will you differentiate your blog from them? What's your unique angle?

Before you begin a new blog, figure out what unique angle you can offer to differentiate your blog from the competition.

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This is only the beginning!

As you publish blog posts, attract readers, and interact with your audience, you'll get clearer on the direction you want for your blog.

Remember, none of these are set in stone. You can always decide to switch to a different type of audience, goal, or specific topics later on.

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