Blogging Answers (2 of 7): How Do I Plan My Blog Content?

By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Nov 16

Continuing with the Blogging Answers series, this video addresses 

this blogging question:

Blogging Question

What's the best way to plan your blog content? What's the best tool to use for your editorial calendar?

The Surprising Answer

If you're tempted to spend money on a new tool to create your blog editorial calendar, watch this video first!

My answer might surprise you:

As a blog manager and blogger, I've used everything from a printed PDF editorial calendar to an editorial calendar WordPress plugin.

My experience has taught me that you really only need one tool to plan your blog content—the one you're already using every day!

Watch the video for the deets.

What special tool do you need to use to make a blog editorial calendar? Here's the surprising answer [VIDEO]

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