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By Alexis Rodrigo | Blogging

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Jul 09

Did you start an online business thinking it would be easy, quickly profitable and practically run itself?

Only to be shocked that you have to produce a seemingly endless stream of content after all? Blog posts, newsletter articles, guest posts, special reports, articles for directories, Facebook and Twitter updates… and so on.

It's overwhelming, even for a writer like me. And truth to be told, I've been slacking on my content creation recently.

A Content Diva

However, there is somebody who has always amazed me with her ability to come up with an endless stream of content ideas.

I've been working with her for over a year and in that time, she constantly comes up with content ideas for various markets, from Internet marketing to hobbies, travel, parenting and so much more.

And it's not just plain old content, mind you. It's high-quality content that gets traffic and presells the reader to a product or service.

I'm talking about Alice Seba, the founder of Contentrix and creator of Better Content Marketing.

Content Creation Help (Free!)

After a lot of arm twisting, Alice has agreed to be interviewed by me as part of the Ask the Blog Traffic Experts webinar series. If you haven't registered for the series yet, you can do so now by filling up the form below:

Join now so  you'll have time to send your content creation questions to Alice. And to give you an idea of how smart Alice is, here's a video she made of how she creates content even when she's on the go.

Like what you see? Join me when I interview Alice about her content creation and distribution secrets:

PS: If you're interested in the lifetime membership to Alice's Better Content Marketing program, make sure to use the code C475A to get $20 off (valid until July 15, 2010 only)


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