How Critical Are Webinars For Promoting Your eLearning Blog? [Infographic]

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Dec 09
Webinars for e-Learning

Many internet marketers promote the virtues of webinars: online conferences that go out live over the internet, providing information to users. 

Some see them as a kind of marketing gimmick, but what’s the truth?

Are they actually useful for promoting your eLearning blog or just a waste of time? 

Webinars have several benefits. 

For starters, they give people in your audience a reason to sign up for your newsletters (business or otherwise). If your audience expects to receive free education or get some kind of training, then they will send you their email addresses with few or no questions asked. 

Webinars are also helpful for another reason: they help you address pre-sale objections that your future customers might have. Clients, for instance, might want clarification on your pricing structure or the value that your training will give their workforce. The webinar is a chance to have a deliver a presentation that assuages their fears and makes it more likely that they buy your products in the future. 

Finally, companies in the eLearning space use webinars to speed up the sales funnel process. It can take many months between a visitor first discovering your blog and then finally deciding that they want to receive services from you. Webinars allow you to overcome pain points and encourage customers to sign up for your courses. 

Check out the following infographic on the state of webinar marketing in the eLearning industry. Find out how using webinars might benefit you and where they are most popular.

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