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Aug 27

Since I’m having a bit of a blogging dry spell, I thought I’d turn the tables around and ask you for your marketing input: What are the best marketing blogs you know about?

James (Twilight) Manip

My youngest child is starting school in two weeks… which means I’m going to have a lot more time in my hands 😀

I imagine myself finally being able to keep up with the best of the best content out there. So I’m looking for good, no, remarkable marketing blogs to read regularly.

What I Should Be Reading (But Don’t Always)

To get things started, here are the marketing blogs in my RSS reader (in no particular order):

  • Clicknewz – Lynn Terry’s Internet marketing blog. I love Lynn and consider her one of my mentors. If you want to learn Internet marketing that’s profitable, full of integrity and without hype, then read Lynn.
  • Copyblogger – I’m not sure if Brian Clark and Sonia Simone’s blog counts as a marketing blog. However, it is about copy + blogging, which in my book adds up to marketing. So there you have it.
  • Glazer-Kennedy’s Insider’s Circle – For old-school, hard-nosed marketing that works in the real world.
  • Remarkable Communication – Each post in this blog is worth the wait.
  • Chris Garrett on New Media – Shy and soft spoken, it’s hard not to like Chris. Plus, he really knows all about marketing on the ‘net.
  • IttyBiz – I sometimes can’t have Naomi Dunford’s blog open when my kids are around. However, I enjoy her blog for its raw honesty. I like to read IttyBiz before I write; it helps me loosen up my own tone (Naomi, I used a semi-colon!). But not to the point of writing profanity.
  • Client Magnets Blog – Bernadette Doyle is one smart cookie. When she talks, I listen.
  • Seth’s Blog – Eh, does anybody NOT read this?
  • She-conomy – Because Stephanie Holland and I are both fascinated by the intricacies of marketing to women.
  • Heart of Business – I’m Catholic, Mark Silver is Muslim, so why was I drawn to his blog? Maybe because he’s the first marketer I ever heard say “spirituality” and “profit” in the same breath.
  • The Intrepid Mompreneur – One: we have the same name. Two: Alexis Neely is beauuuuuutiful. Three: She’s successful. Need I say more?

I do follow a number of other blogs that don’t appear here. For the simple reason that they’re not in my blog reader. These include blogs of those I consider my mentors and whom I interact with frequently enough for me to always end up on their blogs anyway.

You know, people like Nicole Dean, Kelly McCausey and Alice Seba, among others. Don’t feel bad you’re not on the list, ladies! You know I love you 😉

Your Turn

I’m sure I’m missing some other great marketing blogs out there. Do tell me: what other marketing blogs should I be reading? And why?

Thank you in advance!

Lexi Rodrigo

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