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Aug 13

A couple of weeks ago, I invited Gideon Shalwick, creator of Rapid Video Blogging, to give a video blogging webinar for my subscribers. I'd like to share with you some excerpts from that 60-minute webinar.

Which Camera Should I Use?

In this excerpt, Gideon answers the most popular question we received from the webinar attendees: which camera should I use for video blogging? Preferably for under $150? Gideon gives a couple of options, as you'll find out:

But I'm Camera Shy!

In the next video, Gideon gives one simple solution to overcome the all-too-common discomfort with facing the camera and watching ourselves on video:

Who's Gideon Shalwick Anyway?

Finally, in this excerpt, Gideon tells us how he transitioned from corporate executive to home-based Internet marketer, and how he discovered online video as his key to a six-figure income:

Recommended Resources:

1. Free Rapid Video Blogging Report – Gideon shares his entire blueprint for the Rapid Video Blogging method. If you're already familiar with online video and Internet marketing, you'll be able to take what's in this complimentary report to implement Rapid Video Blogging on your own.

2. Rapid Video Blogging Coaching Program – This is Gideon's paid program, where he will guide you and give you the tools to successfully do Rapid Video Blogging. The doors will be closing next week, so if you're interested, do check it out now.

3. Video Blogging Webinar – Watch the entire webinar with Gideon by signing up on this page. It's free!

4. Video Marketing for the Clueless – A complimentary report I wrote to help newbs get started with creating and publishing videos online. It will complement Gideon's free report very nicely. Claim your no-cost copy here.

Do you use video on the Internet at all? If so, what results have you been getting? And if not, why not? What else do you need to harness online video for your business? Please share in the comments below.

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