3 Types of Thought Leaders (Which One Are You?)

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Feb 24
Types of Thought Leaders

If you're making an income from your knowledge and expertise, you may have realized that you need to establish yourself as a thought leader.

This can be a hard pill to swallow.

"I'm too young."

"I don't have enough experience."

"I'm not making a big-enough income."

You always have excuses for why you don't deserve to be called a "thought leader."

What's a Thought Leader Anyway?

Lisa Phelps Dawes, Executive Storyteller, Writer, and Brand Strategist, says:

What is a thought leader - Lisa Phelps Dawes

This means a thought leader isn't just the one who has many years of experience, is known in their field, and frequently speaks on the stage.

That's only one kind of a thought leader called the maven, and there are two other types, according to Dawes: the bootstrapper and the maverick.

No matter what your age, level of experience, or expertise, you can be a recognized thought leader.

In this brief slide deck, Dawes describes: 

  • the 3 types of thought leaders
  • the 4 tools you need to establish thought leadership
  • a nifty shortcut to get recognized as a thought leader

Quick Guide: What Kind of Thought Leader Are You? [Slide Deck]

"A thought leader is defined not only by the ability to think daring thoughts, but by the ability to galvanize others to dare." - Lisa Phelps Dawes

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Your Next Step

Identify your type of thought leadership. Are you a bootstrapper, maverick, or maven?

And if you were to do the shortcut with a project, which project would you embark in?


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