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By Lexi | Entrepreneurship

Feb 23

UPDATE: Elena has just announced an additional bonus to the Mom Media List: a list of 100 Mommy bloggers to partner, collaborate and promote with. Everything ends on Sunday, February 28th, so watch this video to see what you get when you order a Mom Media List:

This video gives you a sneak peek at a Mom's Media List. That's a database of journalists who are interested in Mommy matters. So if you have a Mom-related business, product, service or expertise, then this list will help you get more publicity.

Click here to learn more about Mom's Media List.

PS: The Mom's Media Lists are currently on sale at 50% off, because the creator, Elena Verlee of, is taking them out of the market after February 28th. So if you're at all interested, order your copy of the Mom's Media List today.

PPS: Yes, I'm an affiliate of Elena Verlee of She's an awesome coach and entrepreneur, and she really knows about publicity.

PPPS: Please excuse the noise towards the end of the video. I let the toddler play with my iPod just to get a few undisturbed minutes to record this video.

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