How to Pay Down Debt: 10 Steps from a Bankruptcy Survivor

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Apr 11
How to Pay Down Debt

Picture this: You’re pregnant and have a toddler when you suddenly discover that you and your spouse have $20K in debt and your car is about to be repossessed.

What do you do?

No, it’s not a scene from a reality TV show. This was exactly the situation Imie Belanger found herself in years ago. She could’ve given in to despair, hopelessness, and fear.

Instead, she used the situation to empower herself and get financially fit.

Watch me interview Imie about how she lifted her family out of bankruptcy, paid down their debts, and got on the road back to financial stability and security:

(Note: We had some technical issues, so you might want to skip ahead to 08:02)

Listen to the Interview

Becoming Debt-Free

Here are the highlights of the interview:

  • How Imie discovered that she and her husband were in dire financial straits (08:07)
  • How did the situation not wreck Imie's marriage? (10:33)
  • Is there good debt and bad debt? (11:25)
  • Imie's 10 steps to financial health (13:45)
  • Finance books Imie recommends (23:11)
  • 3 keys to financial freedom (48:52)

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How to Pay Down Debt

"Make money before you spend it." ~ Imie Belanger

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Your Next Steps

1. Educate yourself about personal finance.

Click here to see some of the finance books Imie recommends.

2. Join Imie's Facebook group, Money Makeover Club.

It's free!

3. Get a headstart on step #9.

Download my free report, "45 Ways to Make a Sale Daily."

Canada Revenue Agency was beating down her door. Find out how she went from bankrupt to financially free and secure....

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How's your debt situation? Do you have any tips or steps to add?

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