The Power of A Mastermind Group

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Jul 27

Last week, I made a quick trip to Toronto to meet up with a few members of my group, Solo Masterminds (formerly known as Mom Masterminds).

We were smaller than usual. Kelly McCausey, who leads Solo Masterminds, and the other members from Michigan couldn't make it this time. I was a bit apprehensive about this, wondering if my trip would be a waste. But the four of us who did make it (Sharon McMillan, who was also our host, Angela Wills, Imie Belanger and me) did not let our size deter us from having a productive and helpful meeting.

Solo Masterminds Toronto Meetup 2011

Sharon McMillan, Angela Wills, Imie Belanger and me

In fact, the group's small-ness made the meeting more intimate. Over dinner and afterwards, while walking our dinner off, conversations shifted from business to personal. Because, really, can you separate the two? (More on that under lessons below)

We had time to go over each of our businesses in depth and detail. Here I am showing my main sites and telling the group where I'm at, what my challenges are, and where I plan to go next:

Lexi Rodrigo

Some Lessons

Here are some of the highlights from our meetup:

  • All of us buy ebooks, courses and programs and then forget about them. Putting blinders on so we can focus on the essential elements of our businesses is a continuing challenge.
  • Email lists are our biggest business assets. We need to continue building them and nurturing our relationships with our list subscribers.
  • While our businesses are mostly online, offline, face-to-face interaction is still important. The meetup itself is a good example. We interact with each other almost every day through Twitter, Facebook and now Google+. Yet the impact of meeting each other in person is so much stronger than any of those “virtual encounters”.
  • Businesses need our expertise! Many are spending too much to get crappy websites made, disseminate muddy messages and otherwise fail at using social media too promote themselves. With our knowledge and experience, we have an obligation to support other business owners, whether through our consulting services, or free and paid training programs.
  • We cannot reach our goals without forming our winning teams. Outsourcing is critical. All of us have had bad experiences working with freelancers, but when we do find the right people to support us, then our lives becomes so much easier.
  • We're in business to enhance our lives. Money isn't the top motivation. We're motivated by our desire to care for our families, enjoy a certain lifestyle, get away from the stresses and politics of the corporate world, etc. Ultimately, money is only a tool. Our ultimate goal is a state of being, rather than having. This is why we're turned off by gurus who flash their Jaguars, beach houses and private jets.

Why You Need and Want A Mastermind Group

Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, defined a “master mind” as the “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Hill continues to say that no individual can attain great power without a Master Mind. If you have big goals, then you can't rely on your own knowledge and experience to attain them.

I agree. I definitely attribute a lot of my success to my membership in Solo Masterminds. It helped me get started as a home-based freelance writer, blogger, and online marketer.

As my business grows, I continue to look to the mentors and members of Solo Masterminds to help me navigate the ever-changing face of Internet marketing, clarify my goals, find freelancers, affiliates and joint venture partners, and identify the best paths to get to where I want to go.

It's also been helpful to share what I know with those who are just starting out.

How About You?

Do you belong to a mastermind group? What benefits have you enjoyed because of it? And how do you think your mastermind group can do better?

If you're still looking for a mastermind group, what qualities are you looking for?

Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

Lexi Rodrigo

PS: For the first time, Solo Masterminds is opening its doors to ALL solo women entrepreneurs and not just Moms. Click here to learn more about Solo Masterminds and sign up for a complimentary 7-day preview.

Photos by me (top) and Sharon McMillan.


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  • Angela Wills says:

    Hi Lexi,

    This post is a fantastic summary of the time we spent in our meetup. I agree with all your points!

    One of my biggest take-aways from our meeting was that we all have things that need updating. In our business things change so fast we need to adjust and adapt, which means we inevitably have some unfinished projects/pages/etc that need updating. Made me feel better that I wasn’t the only one 😉

    Great meeting with you and the other ladies again. Without Solo Masterminds we wouldn’t know each other and I’ve very grateful for each of your friendships!


  • Lexi you really hit the mark with this post. This was our smallest mastermind gathering to date but I have to say it was our most PRODUCTIVE!

    Sure we had fun eating out, strolling around our mini lake and exploring our dreams and aspirations for family and business, but the next day we got down to serious business!

    I took away some exceptional insight from you ladies regarding my business, website and ways to outsource effectively so I can have more time to develop those branches of my business I wish to grow.

    Our Mastermind Meeting Bonus: It’s healthy and enjoyable to get from behind the computer to enjoy not just family time, but also good conversation and support from our peers.

    It was a pleasure to welcome you all to where I live 🙂

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