20 Reasons to Teach an Online Course

By Alexis Rodrigo | Entrepreneurship

Feb 06
20 reasons to teach an online course

Not enough people are teaching online courses who should be.

Almost everybody knows something that's so valuable to others that they'd be willing to pay to learn it.

If you've thought about it, but are doubting your capability or the very idea of teaching online, then I hope the following will convince you to give it a fair try.

Do you think you're a special snowflake for whom this doesn't apply? Watch the stories of these unlikely course creators who overcame their doubts and are

Here are 20 reasons to become an online course creator:

1. Leverage your knowledge and skills.

You worked long and hard to get the education and experience you have. Why not make the most of it by sharing them with as many people as possible? And if you're already helping people one-on-one or through small groups, imagine what you could do if you weren't limited by the boundaries of geography or time.

2. Make a positive impact in people's lives.

You probably know something that could help somebody else out. Maybe ease their pain and suffering, make life easier, boost their happiness, help them save a little money, or make more of it. If that's true well then, why keep it to yourself?

3. Make money online.

You're reading this post, so in all likelihood, you're interested in this make-money-online stuff. What are the biggest gurus doing? Teaching online classes! Is that proof enough for you?

4. Enjoy location independence and a flexible lifestyle.

Online is the only place you can teach anybody in the world without leaving the comfort of your pajamas. Imagine being able to address hundreds, even thousands of people, without ever hopping on a plane. And you can do it when it's most convenient for you, whether that means teaching others when you're home from your day job, or while taking care of a loved one.

5. Position yourself as an authority.

Nothing says “expert” as much as having a course on a topic. Think about it. Among your competitors, how many have online courses about your expertise?

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6. Leave a legacy.

Even when you pass away, your course will live on, as will the positive changes in the lives of people you've helped with it.

7. Keep growing in your field.

The more you teach a topic, the better you get at it. Besides, if you're serious about teaching, you'll stay on top of the latest developments and resources. You won't be able to help but be the authority.

8. Learn teaching skills.

Even if you've never taught before, as you teach online and get feedback from your students, you'll learn what teaching strategies and techniques are most effective.

9. Develop marketing skills.

You don't need to be a top-notch marketer, or hire a marketing agency, to get started with creating and selling your online course. If you follow the course creation course described in Teach and Grow Rich, you'll be aware of exactly what problems your market wants to solve, and what courses they want to pay you money for.

10. Build a tribe.

As you help more and more people, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives through your courses, they will become your most loyal supporters and followers. Soon, you'll have a “tribe” or true fans who are ready to buy anything you put out.

11. Create or fill a funnel for other products/services.

Teaching online courses complements other business, such as freelancing, coaching, and consulting. You'll find that many of your students want to work with you by either hiring you in those capacities or buying your other products.

12. Expand your fan base.

As I mentioned earlier, your reach is as wide as internet coverage, so you're no longer bound by geographical and time boundaries. Imagine touching the lives of people across the world.

13. Attract high-level partnerships.

Because you're perceived as an authority and because you have happy students as social proof, you'll get the attention of other authoritative and influential people in your industry or even outside of it. All this makes you a more desirable partner for joint ventures and collaborations.

14. Spread your ideas and values.

Teachers are a strong influence in their students' lives, attitudes, and beliefs. If you feel that you have a new and different way of thinking and living, teaching an online course is one of the most effective ways of spreading it far and wide.

15. Challenge yourself.

Becoming an online course creator will force you to do many things that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and challenging. It's enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

16. Learn more about yourself.

By stepping into the challenge of teaching online, you'll discover things about yourself that you never knew before: strengths and weaknesses, good things and bad things.

17. Get feedback from your audience.

You could send surveys or ask for comments from your audience. But nothing is as revealing as interacting with them while you're delivering your course. This is why we at Mirasee recommend giving your first few courses live and with the use of tools like Zoom that allow you to see your students' faces and body language.

18. Improve your presentation and speaking skills.

The more you do, the better you get, especially if you're sensitive to your students' feedback. Soon, you'll be a pro at public speaking.

19. Become more tech-savvy.

Teaching online requires the use of internet technology. Even if you hire a team to take care of the tech for you, you'll still need to become familiar with it.

20. Scale your impact, reach, and income.

Teaching online courses is one of the rare businesses you can scale up without having to invest more of your time, energy, or money. In contrast, if you're a freelancer, for example, the only way to scale up is to either work more hours, get more clients, or charge more.

Are these good reasons for you to start teaching an online course? If not, what's stopping you from seeing yourself as an online course creator? 

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